Science Model Post

Please write a blog describing how are you progressing on completing your model? How did you cooperate as a group today? What else do you need to bring to finish your project? What are “road blocks” you still need to solve?


I think that we are a little bit behind on completing our model. Marissa and I have not done our small or large intestine yet, but we have done the rest like the poster paper and the esophagus. So we are halfway done with our model, but I think we could finish it if we work hard. Marissa and I have cooperated quite well as a group today. It was kind of chaotic since we had very little time,  so we were pretty stressed, but I think that we had accomplished quite a lot for today. I need to bring the small and large intestine tubes/materials tomorrow, and some road blocks are making the rest of the model and testing out the model. We also need to add more details and try to finalize it.

Working Collabritavely

1. What body system did you pick to build as a working model (7th grade)?

Marissa and I had decided to build the digestive system as a working model.

2. Why have you decided to build this body system as a working model (7th grade)?

We decided to choose the digestive system as a working model because it is the one we understand the most. We have talked about the digestive system the most in class, and its quite adventurous to try the digestive system.

3. What materials are you going to need to complete your build  (7th grade)?We are going to need:

  • Mouth-tube
  • Esophagus-tube
  • Stomach-container with chyme/some sort of liquid or smoothie
  • Small Intestine-tube
  • Large Intestine-tube
  • Liver-container
  • Feces-Chocolate Covered Blueberries
  • Gallbladder-container
  • Pancreas-container
  • Two cardboard boxes
  • To Make it Easier to See-Small Wireless LED Lights
  • Large Poster Paper
  • Markers