Critique on Work of Do-Ho Suh

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 7.51.36 PM

Describe it:

  •      – What do you see?
  •      – What observations can you make about the work?

I see a transparent house with a traditional tile pattern and a detailed roof. It looks as if it would be from asian heritage, and it is almost symmetrical except for the hole/door in the left half. There are lots of details in the piece, like the shadows and patterns.

Relate it:

  •      – What does the work remind you of?

The work almost reminds me of the forbidden city with the roof shaped similar to it and the rectangular bottom. It also reminds me of curtains since it transparent and fragile, and you could see shadows within it.

Analyze it:

  •      – What can you share about the form, function, and/or construction?
  •      – What is the most interesting part of the work?
  •      – What questions would you ask the artist about the work?

I can share that the whole house was made out of fabric. Do-Ho Suh wanted to make a transportable replica of his house in Korea, since he missed how quiet and peaceful it was compared to New York City. He learned how to sew and constructed it piece by piece. The most interesting part of his work is that he measured everything accordingly and replicated it perfectly. This must have taken him lots of time and patience. A few questions would be: How long did this project take you?, Did you include those little marks from your childhood?, and Has he ever taken this with him somewhere?.

Interpret it:

  •      – What title would you give the work?
  •      – Why do you think the artist chose this kind of work to create?

I would title his work “Transportable Memories”, and I think the artist chose this work because he felt a connection with his old house in Korea and he wanted to remember them in New York or any other place.

Evaluate it:

  •      – How successful is the work?
  •      – What is the most impressive aspect of the work?
  •      – How relevant is the work to issues in your life or society today?

I feel that his work is very successful since he was able to flawlessly replicate his house in Korea. The most impressive aspect is that he had gotten all the details right and that it is portable as well. I think that it is quite relevant because we get home sick or you miss something and that is quite a big issue. He coped with it by making a replica, but it almost shows how we want to bring our homes with us everywhere.