The Unconventional Pot

  1. How was your process similar and/or different to Yee SooKyung’s work:

I feel that my process is imilar to Yee SooKyung’s work because we both cut our pots in half and created a new object. She almost took two totally different glass pieces and combined them into one, which is what I did as well. What is different is that she used glass, which is harder to use since you cannot mold it like clay. Another difference is that she uses gold to attack her pieces together and I use slip.

2.  Is your final form a pot? Please explain with the use of examples.

My final form is a pot because it has a opening and you could store objects/liquids inside of it. For example, if I glaze my pot with clear glaze to make it waterproof, I could fill it with water. I could also fill it with small jewelry or use it as a piggy bank. Pots are used to store things, and my pot can.

Inspired by Object

  1. Explain how you used your object in your final design

I based my pot on earphones with the coil design representing the wire of the earphones, and the handles as the earbuds. The final design looks like earphones wrapped around the pot.

2. Explain how you are connected to your object and why it is personally significant to you.

I am connected to my earphones because music is really important to me. Whenever I listen to music it really calms me and almost takes me to another world. So whenever I see people using earphones or headphones I get reminded that it must be crutial for them as well and they must respect it as much as me.

3. What are some improvements that could be made?

A few improvements that could be made is making the coils a bit thinner and the earbuds more detailed. This was mostly due to the lack of time, but my pot is not very detailed. If I made the wire thinner it could have looked more like earbuds, since if you didn’t see the handles people would not know what object it was supposed to be based off of. I would also made the earbuds more intricate since it is one of the main points of the piece.

4.  What are some achievements you are proud of?

I am proud that I have finished the pot because the coil effect usually takes quite long to make but I successfully finished it. I like the idea that I had created of the coil around the pot as well since it gives the pot extra support and creates the wire effect.

Clay Slab Relief

Photo on 12-5-15 at 10.17 AM


1) What are 3 key differences between working with clay and wood for relief sculpture? (What are you able to do with clay that you cannot do with wood?)

First of all, for wood you have to use many different tools to carve out the background or to carve the foreground. However, with clay you can use your hands to mold your foreground unlike wood. Second of all, for wood it is quite a hard material but for clay it is soft and easily moldable. Third of all, for wood you have wood it is harder since if you push the tool a bit too far you can’t exactly go back or cover it. For clay if you mess up you could just blend it or cover it with more clay. So overall clay is easier to use than wood, but it is easier to show texture with wood.