Wood Relief Reflection (Interpretation)

SCULPTURE-Look-Hao-Kris SCULPTURE-Change-Hao-Kris

  • Explain why the word you have carved is personally significant to you. Share about the meaning and personal connections.

Look: I feel that the word “look” is significant to me because we don’t really appreciate and “look” in our lives. We just go on with our lives day by day, but if you maybe look around you might see someone sad or someone lonely that you could help. So just by looking around you might see something that you could do to help someone.

Change: I feel that the word “change” is significant to me because it reminds me that I should really change my attitude whenever I am acting negative, and that change is possible. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to change, and we should cherish it.

  • How does the color of your painting relate to your word choice?

Look: I feel that black really matches the meaning behind the word because I want it to be simple but convey meaning, which black portrays. Black also makes the word pop out, which is important.

Change: I feel that pink and purple matches the meaning behind change because I feel it is a happy word, and pink makes most people happy. Change also reminds me of the color pink, since its cheeful and light.

  • Identify the other pictorial (picture) elements of both your word carvings.  What do they represent or symbolise?

Look: I put glasses replacing the two o’s in the word. Some people can’t really see without glasses, so it could symbolize how its blurry or unclear without looking around and thinking about others, but after you care and “put the glasses on” things start to get clear.

Change: For the word change I carved birds flying away from a tree. The birds flying are supposed to symbolize that we could fly away or part from the wrong that we are doing, and change our ways.

  • What improvements could you make?

Look: I feel that next time I could make the glasses more defined to let it stand out since it is one of the major points of the carving.

Change: I think that next time I should make the words neater and cleaner since they look quite messy when they are supposed to be more elegant.



  • What are the materials that Candy uses in her work?

Candy uses simple tools like stickers, pencils, and chalk but the impact and meaning behind her work is much more complex. The project she has been working on now also included buildings and stencils as well.

  • Explain how Candy uses language and people in her work.

Candy knew that all of the people living in New Orleans mostly spoke the same international language (English), so she created a project like “Before I die…” which let them write down what they wanted to achieve before passing away.

  • What is the purpose of her work?

Candy’s close friend had passed away, and after contemplating about death it inspired this “Before I die…” project. The purpose of her work is to let you remember that you are not alone, help us to understand our neighbors, make space for reflection in our lives, and remind us to remember what matters most to us even if we are changing.

  • How effective do you find her work? Is it successful? Why or why not?

In my opinion I find her work very effective. It has made me take a step back and reflect on what I want to accomplish before my death. It frightens me how we could die at any moment, but now I know what I want to do before this time comes. It is also very successful for others as the whole world has contributed and shared their thoughts. So in conclusion this was a extremely great project for Candy, and even though it seems simple it creates a huge impact on people.

Champion Reflection Blog Post

  • What did you enjoy about the Champion’s unit?

I enjoyed the gallery for the Champion’s unit. It was amazing because I got to dress up like Pocahontas and be her, and explain what she did and her legacy. Another point is that the gallery tied all of it together in a presentation we created, and it felt amazing to know that all the hard work we did was shown in this gallery. I also enjoyed the free choice because we were allowed to do whatever we wanted, and I got to make a video and re-enactment which was quite fun to film.

  • What helped you learn well in the Champion’s unit?

I feel that the different items we were supposed to fill had helped me learn well in this Champion’s unit. Our teachers Mr.Pierce and Ms.Bevear had asked us to create a timeline, nomination letter, map, etc. These different items had gave us so much information and we learned a lot. Just in these three categories we had understood their important events in their lifetime, why they are a champion, and important areas they have been. So what we have studied for has really helped me to learn well in this unit.

  • What was challenging about the Champion’s unit?

I feel that finding correct information was quite challenging during this unit. Everyone (including myself) thought that Pocahontas was just a Disney princess, a made up character. So it is understandable that information would be hard to find. So real Pocahontas’ information was quite scarce, especially her quotes and her siblings. Another challenging thing was her costume. There are thousands of Pocahontas costumes in costume stores, but those are not traditional Indian costumes. So my father had to help me make my costume, which was amazing since it turned out great.

  • If you were going to complete this unit again, what would you do differently?

If I was doing the unit again, I would really think about who I am going to do. Now I regret a bit about picking her because it is quite hard to find information on her. The champion you are picking is very important, so next time I would really ask myself. Now I feel that I should have done another person instead and do regret it, since he fitted all the characteristics and was much easier to research on.

  • What advice do you have to Ms. Bevear & Mr. Pierce about how we teach it next year? Ex. definitely do … but I think you shouldn’t do …

Well I really enjoyed the overall goal and outcome of this unit, but there are always good things and bad things. I think that you should definitely do the nomination letter, timeline, map, poems, and facebook page next year, because those are my friends and I most favored parts of this unit. They all were quite fun to make but also gave the person reading or criticing important information about the champion. But I think that next year you shouldn’t do the the essay, because I feel that we are kind of repeating this from the nomination letter. Maybe instead you could do a reflective essay on how this project was and its difficulty.

Sculpture Self-Evaluation

What is one Project From Sculpture you are Proud of Completing OR Enjoyed Experiencing?

One project that I am proud of completing is the cardboard box project. It was quite hard working with cardboard since it bent easily, and the crevices in its surface made it quite hard to paint. But Adish and I completed it eventually, and it turned out quite well. I also experienced partnering up with someone that I didn’t know very well, and it really gave me a new take on partnering. It showed me that I could change it up every once in a while, and to maybe try to partner up with someone new.

How Have you Gained a Better Understanding About Sculpture (3D Art)?

I feel that I have learned lots of information about sculpture. Now I understand that planning really helps and it is very important, because you get a base idea. I also learnt that you really need to balance out the sculpture, unless it leans or topples over. Your sculpture also has to have the right materials, because we chose quite floppy card board which really affected the finished product of our sculpture. So by testing out and making different sculptures I have learned many things about what I should improve on next time.

What is one Area of Improvement you Could Make for the Rest of the Semester?

I feel that an area of improvement could be to plan out my sculpture before I make it. Before I didn’t really plan it out, so it didn’t turn out as I wanted. I feel that if I plan my sculpture specifically, I could follow something instead of just making it from the spot. I also feel that I could improve on working efficiently in class. I have been working hard, but I feel that if I work faster and more efficiently I could get more things done. I know there is limited time, and I want to use my time wisely.

What are Some Skills or Work Habits you Have Successfully Developed?

Well I have successfully developed the skill of making new friends or meeting new people. In sculpture I have met and talked with so many more people than other classes, and it has really developed and improved my social skills. But I also feel that I have developed my working skills. We do a lot of reflecting and posts in sculpture, and now I thoroughly understand how to post and record my thoughts on videos or websites.

Pocahontas’ Portfolio

Hi, and welcome to Pocahontas’ Portfolio. This was for my Champion! person project, where we choose a champion who represents and fits compassion, collaboration, creativity and resilience. There are so many people to choose from, but Pocahontas had really stood out from me after I researched about her. She was not just a Disney princess after all. Pocahontas had actually helped create peace between her tribe and the colonists that arrived later on. She achieved this by thinking of wonderful ideas, listening to what her heart told her to do, and working with her messengers and others to achieve her goal. All of us have been working extremely hard on this project, and I hope that by the end of this portfolio you will understand her personality, and most importantly enjoy it.


Science Model Post

Please write a blog describing how are you progressing on completing your model? How did you cooperate as a group today? What else do you need to bring to finish your project? What are “road blocks” you still need to solve?


I think that we are a little bit behind on completing our model. Marissa and I have not done our small or large intestine yet, but we have done the rest like the poster paper and the esophagus. So we are halfway done with our model, but I think we could finish it if we work hard. Marissa and I have cooperated quite well as a group today. It was kind of chaotic since we had very little time,  so we were pretty stressed, but I think that we had accomplished quite a lot for today. I need to bring the small and large intestine tubes/materials tomorrow, and some road blocks are making the rest of the model and testing out the model. We also need to add more details and try to finalize it.

Working Collabritavely

1. What body system did you pick to build as a working model (7th grade)?

Marissa and I had decided to build the digestive system as a working model.

2. Why have you decided to build this body system as a working model (7th grade)?

We decided to choose the digestive system as a working model because it is the one we understand the most. We have talked about the digestive system the most in class, and its quite adventurous to try the digestive system.

3. What materials are you going to need to complete your build  (7th grade)?We are going to need:

  • Mouth-tube
  • Esophagus-tube
  • Stomach-container with chyme/some sort of liquid or smoothie
  • Small Intestine-tube
  • Large Intestine-tube
  • Liver-container
  • Feces-Chocolate Covered Blueberries
  • Gallbladder-container
  • Pancreas-container
  • Two cardboard boxes
  • To Make it Easier to See-Small Wireless LED Lights
  • Large Poster Paper
  • Markers

Relief Sculpture


What is a relief sculpture?

A relief sculpture is a 3D sculpture carved on a wall or wall surface.

What is a low relief sculpture?

Where it is only slightly from the background surface.

What is a high relief sculpture?

Where it is sunken deeply below and showing the shadows and crevices well.


Sarah Sze Research

1) How does Sarah use improvisation and spontaneity (randomness) to create her work?

Sarah wants and uses improvisation in her work. She says that it is crucial, and it gives an experience thats “alive”. She uses spontaneity with her work because it the most interesting for the artist and the viewer. She says that it really ties the work together, and experience it.

2) Find a good photo of one of her works and upload this to your site. Don’t forget to label the photo with a title, year, and other relevant information


This is a photo of Sarah’s Portable Planetarium made for the 2009 Lyon Biennale, but is now in the National Gallery.

3) How was your art making process similar or different to Sarah’s process?

My art making process is quite different from Sarah’s. She really just improvises when making her art, adding something whenever she finds it. But I really like to plan out what I am doing, so we have a different process.

4) What is your reaction to Sarah’s work? Would you call this art? Please explain.

Personally, I would call it art, but not call it art at the same thing. Personally it is quite artistic, but to me not that good to be in the Venice Biennale, which is the best of the best. But this is obviously only my opinion, and as you can see many others truly admire her art. Especially the United States, since she represented them in the Biennale. And to say the truth I really do applaud her for her commitment, but it is not that big to me since anyone could really add string and normal objects to make art.