Grade 8 Writing

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In my conclusion I put background information on the top and bottom and sandwiched my thesis statement in between when I should have put the thesis statement on top and had the background (blue) together at the bottom. I got an ME- because I had the incorrect structure for the conclusion. Now that I know my mistake I can learn from it and make sure I don’t do it again. Other than my conclusion, I feel my introduction and paragraph was quite well. I took a risk my adding a small narrative hook at the beginning but I think it worked.

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I was pleased with my details and descriptive writing however I feel there were basic errors I should have been able to identify and fix before turning in my work.


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Overall, I feel I did very well on my narrative piece. What I have found is I have done better when the Narrative is more free flowing like his one. How ever I could have added more dialogue and had some careless errors.

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I had a good hook in my introduction, and I also felt that the structure of my essay overall was in a clear and tangible order. However, I most definitely need to work on citing my source within the essay. One of Ms. Bevear’s most reoccurring comments was that I either didn’t cite my sources in the paper, or that the structure of it was confusing/ incorrect. Besides that I had a few grammar, spelling errors. Some of these were careless mistakes I had missed but others were words I actually didn’t know were incorrect. In the future I will search up words I am not sure of and also use the speech app as a helpful tool to make sure my words are spelled correctly. Overall, I feel my argument was still strong in spite of these mistakes.

After- Literary Techniques in The Giver

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Before – Literary Techniques  in The Giver

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Summaries – Theme (Memories and History)

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Literary Devices in The Outsider by S.E. Hinton

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Overall, I think there was definitely improvement since I wrote “The Giver by Lois Lowry” essay. I remembered to cite my sources, underline names of books, do quotations properly and I think it was because I learned my lesson from last time and made sure to keep it in mind. I also kept in mind my writing goal and included 4 words from my wonder wall into my essay. Something that I wish I had paid more attention to, and something I always struggle with, is conventions. I had a lot of misspelled words or periods that, looking back, was just careless mistakes. My main take away is that I need to pay more attention when editing my final draft.




DEJ – Macbeth

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