Spring Parent Conference Reflection

Photo on 8-3-16 at 12.15 PM

Currently, I need to take more risks with my vocabulary and also try and expand my vocabulary through my Words Wall and Quizlet. I should also set aside time to do ReadTheory, or Newsela which would help me with reading comprehension. Taking risks in my writing is definitely the most key goal I have this quarter. Although I do read consistently, I need to look for more challenging books and books in different genres, especially those in non fiction. As for communication in general, I need to listen to everyone before stating my own ideas because often I get very excited and want to say my ideas. When it comes to listening to instructions or in class I am attentive but when having a conversation I need to be mindful of my air time and be a good listener. This means being more patient when people are talking and being aware of my body language. Overall, I feel my work habits are rather good but I have something to work on in every area and I have steps to reach what I need to improve on.

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