SS Government Unit Reflection

This unit our theme was competence and I definitely feel more competent. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of competence is “the ability to do something successfully and efficiently.” Our government unit was purposely jammed packed with tests and I feel I have become more efficient when it comes to taking notes and studying for tests. I learned to manage my time more and it helped me learn how to study for tests from scratch. What I mean by scratch is that usually tests are based off of what we learn in class however this time we had to study a new chapter every cycle and Mr. Pierce, for the most part, did not discuss in detail or explain the chapter. Therefore, I have learned to study for a test by myself and succeed. But, as I mentioned before, I think the most important skill I learned from the competence unit was being able to manage my time which greatly helped.

After the multitudes of tests we took I believe the best strategy for me is to look at the chapter or (if it is based off of what we studied in class) discussions and write down the essential ideas. Then make or take a quiz to gage how much I know and need to study. From this test I can then divide my time to see where I need to study more. For example, if I was very solid in section 1-5 in chapter 8, but need more work in section 6-9, then I would first focus my time on those sections and then continue on from there. After reading information I naturally am very good at absorbing it so for me taking tests to gage where I am is the key component of my study plan.

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