SS Courage Reflection

This unit has been about racism, prejudice, identity, stereotypes. Before, I did not quite understand the meaning of prejudice but this unit has helped me better understand it. Our prejudice project brought back old memories of my life in local school which I was able to reflect on for this unit. We have had some very thought provoking debates in class however even though we were left with some unanswered questions I still feel like I know a lot more about these things than I did before. Previously, I have not really thought hard on any of these things as I personally feel that they don’t affect me as strongly, but discussing it in class has made me think about racism, prejudice, stereotypes and identity. For example, I always thought that the students at HKIS were not racist and that I wasn’t racist either. But in our conversations we talked about situations that I had been in, that I hadn’t even realised were racist (e.i. seeing someone’s last name and guessing their race). Race is something we identify ourselves and other’s with. Sometimes it means setting them apart from yourself or feeling connected to them because of it. My opinion on race is that it affects you depending on your situation. Race will affect you in every situation, however its impact will vary depending on the person. When there is a racial emphasis then it will affect you more. There is racism in HKIS and just because I don’t feel its impact doesn’t mean that other’s don’t. However, other people’s races do not impact me to actually act differently towards them because of it. It may be there in the back of my mind, me, judging them based on their appearance and first impressions, but it won’t lead me to have actions against them. Because I specifically don’t feel the racial influence as much, means it doesn’t affect me as much as it does others. The definition of racism that was introduced to us is that race is just what society makes of it. So really I think since it is made by people, people can change the way it is thought of too. Not everyone thinks the same, and that is a very important point because that means racism is different for everyone. We had a debate about racism in HKIS and shared personal experiences about prejudice along with reading passages on identity and stereotypes that helped me better understand how they work and that they do affect me although I feel its not as impactful.

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