SML reflection

My topic was building a cake to look like the Hong Kong skyline in 10 weeks. I chose it because, learning from my experience last year, I needed a project the needed more research but was still interesting. Therefore, I chose to bake. So far, its been very time consuming because you have to do all the baking and decorating at home. I’m currently working on my largest building, IFC, and I am hoping that by time I get to my other buildings, the whole process will be a lot smooth and quicker because I’ll be more experienced and the cakes will be smaller. I needed to go out and buy some of my own materials, like baking pans, and spatulas and also ingredients. I think this has helped me because its definitely taught me discipline and how to manage my time well. As I mentioned before the entire process is very time consuming and therefore it is key to plan out all my time very well if I want the project to go smoothly.

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