Songs to represent Middle School

Since it is our last year in middle school, it is a time of sadness but also great joy as we remember old memories and look forward to new ones. For one of our final assignment we have to create our own playlist that sums up the up’s and down’s, and moods of our years in the middle school, which are listed below.

1) “Stressed out” by the 21 Pilots from the album, “Blurry Face”

In the title, it is quite easy to infer the meaning of this song is about being “stressed out”. Of course many people assume middle school is easier and less important in some ways than high school, but it can still be stressful. Whether its workload, athletics, academics or social, it seems human beings are hard-wired to find problems in life. In the song it talks about how as kids they weren’t worried about anything, and compared to adults we don’t have that much weight on our shoulder, however there is enough to give soem of us a sore back.

2) “Keep On Keeping On (Feat. Brendon Urie)” by Travie McCoy from the McCoy’s single.

Although middle schoolers are stressed out, we need to stay strong and keep going forward even when the journey’s rough. In the chorus of this song it says “…keep on keeping on, even when your feeling like your going keep losing, got to come back strong….” This applies to middle school because even when waters are rough and your not getting good grades, you need to persevere and keep studying.

3) “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield  from the album Unwritten.

Unwritten is about how everyone’s future is not planned and that it is waiting to be written by them. It also talks about how “no one else can speak the words on your lips,” which means all the ideas that an individual has is their own and they need to speak out and let them be heard. Although we are moving on to High School, we are still young and have our whole future ahead of us. Knowing this, we should “live with arms wide open” and embrace the world and take on challenges and make our own path. 

4) “Masterpiece” by Jessie J from the album Sweet Talker.

Masterpiece is about being ambitious and on top, but also accepting their imperfections and letting it strengthen them. “I still fall on my face sometimes, and I can’t colour inside the lines but I’m perfectly incomplete, and I’m still working on my masterpiece…”  Everyone makes mistakes and no once can also get the best grades or always win the house cup but we need to keep trying and also accept that we might lose sometimes.

5) “Here” by Alessia Cara from the album Know-It-All

Here is specifically set at a party and how the girl feel uncomfortable, wondering why she even went in the first place. This connects to peer pressure in some ways that happens in middle school. Although the affects are more commonly associated with High School, it still happens to us too. The feeling to belong is in all of us, which means matching and doing what everyone is doing. For example, black Nike shoes has become the new fad this year and almost every girl has a pair. However, the song is also about not succumbing to peer pressure, because even though it talks about her regrets of coming to the party, she also doesn’t participate in the alcohol, drugs, and other things that are happening in the party. Much like me with my yellow neon New Balance shoes that are the farthest thing from the popular black Nike shoes mentioned earlier.

6) “Everything Changes” by Rachel Sermanni from the album Everything Changes.

 Everyone’s goals and ambitions are always changing, and Everything Changes both talks about it in the song and refers to it in its title .”I did not think I wanted anything other, did not think I needed anything more but everything changes.” A child might think the only thing they want is a stuffed toy and they will be complete, as they get older, that might change into a new phone, and for a middle schooler, it might be making a sports team, or getting a good grade. But as we move on to High School and get ready to pave a way for our new life, all our dreams and ideal will change. “

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