Nervous System Reflection #2

My group had some challenges that didn’t occur to us before. But when ever we ran into this obstacles we made adjustments.

Whenever we made an adjustment or added something new, we would rewrite our diagram of our working model so that we had something familiar to look at that we could follow.

Some of the new challenges we faced was taking in the account of how heavy our brain was and trying to fit it onto the sheer cardboard vertical base we had wouldn’t be enough. So what we added strength to our base by reinforcing it with more cardboard. We also didn’t take in the account that if we do end up presenting in the BBT during conferences, how the audience will know how to work it if they come while our hour isn’t there. So we have decide to put labels on both the working model themselves, and have a set of instructions on the side.

What we plan to do in the future lessons we have left, is to simply assemble the working models since we have all the parts but we need to put them together and glue them on our base. After we do so, we can see if there are any last minute tweaks, and finally at the end we will add finishing touches such as labels on the working model and also the instruction sheet on the side. Afterwards, the only thing is to update our diagram/plan one last time and add any relevant decoration that could help our audience comprehend the model easier.

My Body System

I have chosen to do the Nervous system. I wanted to learn something new so I chose mainly from the systems we did not study in class.  After reading the research questions from the guide, I realised I could answer  the least of those questions than the other systems. This was because I only had a general and broad view of the system.  Also, for each system I put down as a choice, I tried to draw a diagram of how I would ensemble a real life working model of that system. When I sketched out the nervous system I thought of many different ideas  I could use to make the model. So I am excited to start the research and begin building.