The Bronze Bow

The Bronze Bow is a historical fiction book. It is placed in the time of when the Romans took over and in slaved the Jews. This is also the period when Jesus came but back then nobody knew who he is.

Character review:

Daniel: main character. Obsessed with having only vengeance for his parents and everybody else.

Samson: A strong black man. Never talks nor comprehends words. But cares for Daniel endlessly.

Simon: A slave who helped Daniel escape a terrible master, now a good blacksmith.

Joel and Thacia: Twins who vow with Daniel to seek vengeance for Israel.

Leah: Believed to be possessed by the devils. Never leaves the house nor talks to anyone.

It is about Daniel who had escaped from a terrible blacksmith master.  He went to the mountains where a man named Rosh took him in. Rosh was a leader of a group of bandits who stole from the jewish farmers below. But Rosh secretly covered it up by saying they needed to eat as a reward for working hard, to get one step closer to defeating the Romans.

One day 2 twins came up to the mountains from the village, one a boy and one a girl. Daniel was spying on them when he was caught. They talked and Daniel made his 2 and only friends, Joel and  Mathacia, known as Thacia. Joel and Thacia went down to the village and told his grandmother, his sister, Leah and Simon. Soon he had to leave the mountain to take care of Leah when his grandmother died. Then he would sometimes visit Joel and Thacia. They began to secretly form and gather boys around the village to someday march up to Rosh if help was needed. He also began to walk miles on end, day and night to hear Jesus speak. Daniel was torn between Jesus and Rosh. But when Joel was caught for following Rosh’s orders, Rosh refused to help. Daniel realised Rosh was no real leader, and Daniel had turned himself into a monster to be like him. They rescued Joel themselves and as they were on the brink of failing, Samson came in and saved them. But on the way, Samson was killed, and so was his close friend Nathan, who had left behind a bride. Later when he confessed on his love for Thacia, she seemed to be happy. But pushed her away and said no. Then late he yelled at Leah for talking and becoming friends with a Roman. She then turned back into a her ghostly self, no eating or drinking and crying out at night. Then Jesus sailed away, saying that no must follow.

While he sat taking care of Leah while she was dreadfully sick. He saw that now everything was crumbling before him. All his friends had slipped through the cracks before it came crashing down on the too.  He thought that this is what he wanted to be alone would be freedom, without responsibility. But Daniel only felt emptiness, which he could only fill with more hatred and anger.  Then finally the last person was leaving him, Leah. Daniel felt sudden anger as everything was going perfect. Leah soon became so close to him, the demons where slowly weakening and perished. But that one out lash had sent them crawling back and growing to control her completely.

Then Thacia, who had become extremely close to Leah and visited a lot, came in with Jesus. Jesus placed a hand on he and she lifted up, all demons vanished. That was when Daniel realised that his place was with Jesus and he was finally able to leave his anger behind. He saw how Jesus was there, Leah was alive, Thacia gleamed down at him and all had come back to him. Although Joel was sent away to scribe school away in Jerusalem, Daniel could still sense his friend there for him like all the other’s in the room. Finally, with only peace and love, Daniel came up to the Roman boy that had become so close to Leah and invited him in the house.

The Paint Chip Poem

The Mushroom Farm

Beige is the color of mushroon.

I remember the faint smell of mushroom wafting through the  air.                                                        And how it felt to touch the different types of smooth, rough, spiky mushroom surfaces. I can still hear the machines digging into the soft dirt in order to collect more fungi.                                                   I can still see the rows of packed mushrooms with colours like red, white, yellow, brown in all different shades.                                                                                                                                                           I miss the fantastic sight of the big shining silver built and designed for the sole purpose of growing mushrooms.

Beige is the colour of mushrooms.