PBL Teamwork Reflection

The PBL project required a lot of teamwork. If my partner, Meena, and I, had not used teamwork, we would not have the model we have today.

Teamwork involves collaboration. Everyone will have different ideas and thoughts on how to create and present their model. Collaboration takes all the ideas, and combines them in the way that seems most beneficial and productive. Meena and I both had our own ideas, but then we adapted them so that they would fit together. For example, Meena wanted to show the arms moving up and down with helium balloons to represent what happens after the brain sends a signal (which is to trigger a reaction/movement). While I wanted to use water to represent the signal traveling through the body. Together, we combined our ideas so that the ‘signal’ water would run through the body and ‘trigger’ the arms to move with the helium balloons. Unfortunately,  it did not work out in the end, but another part of collaboration is being able to work together to adapt and tweak the plan and blueprints so it becomes a working model. Another part of collaboration is equally dividing the work to be more productive. Whenever Meena or I found ourselves with nothing to do while the other one was working, we would stop and talk about somethings they could do to help. This brings me to my next point which is communication.

Communication is also a major part in teamwork. As said before, everyone has different ideas and this is because everyone thinks differently. Therefore, it is important we communicate clearly and specifically so that nothing is misunderstood. Often when people don’t communicate properly, there are arguments and it can lead to big mistakes that forces your team to step back instead of moving forward. Meena and I have had some misunderstandings, but we clarify with each other so that it give us another chance to explain in more detail, so we didn’t make any major mistakes that hindered us. Communication also helps understand people’s parts in the project, such as leader, researcher, etc.

Here is a video I think represents teamwork.



In this video, the penguins communicated to slide over on one side of the iceberg. There was also collaboration because everyone needed slide over in order to make the iceberg tilt like it did. Therefore, I think this is a great video of teamwork.