Book Report #5


Book Equivalent # 5-7                                       Words:   118000                                             

Title:   So You Think You Know Baseball ?                        Author: Peter E. Meltzer                                  


Genre ~ Non-Fiction      



  • Opening Sentence: On June 7, 1938 the Indians and Red Sox  met at Fenway Park.



  • Favourite word / phrase / sentence: In 1963, Jimmy …………. He ran the bases backwards.




  • Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition: Catcher’s Balk – If, with a runner on third base trying to score by means of a squeeze play or steal, the catcher steps in front of home base without possession of the ball, or touches the batter or the bat, the pitcher shall be charged with a balk (“catcher’s balk”), the batter shall be awarded first base on the interference




  • Reflection, Connection & Personal Response:

 I really enjoyed this book because this book can be used and applied into life whenever I’m watching a game or playing a game. Although, some parts of the book was challenging, I was able to comprehend it through using the visuals provided in some pages.





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