3rd June 2015

Goals Presentation Rubric

27th May 2015

Work Habits

1st April 2015

Q3 Goals Presentation Rubric

Quarter Four Writing Goal:

My goal is to get at least 30 words in my Wonder Words Wall.

I’ve never been very good at writing down words in my word wall. I’d also like to attempt to use some of these words in both my writing and my conversations.

The words will be on my Word Wall.

30 doesn’t seem like too much for the rest of the year. I will get a handful of words from the books I am currently reading, the ones I will read in the future, and maybe reread previous books that I have read.

I might not use the words so much, but I can easily manage 30 words on my wall.

I’ll do it by the end of the quarter.


Quarter Four Reading Goal:

My goal is to achieve (and possibly surpass) the recommended reading goal of 35 total books by the end of the year.

I will read 35 books of a variety of genres. I’m falling behind, but I want to catch up.

The books will be on my Reading Log.

I will have to have a lot of discipline. I will spend at least three hours reading each week.

I have about 21 books currently read. I haven’t found any of the book equivalents yet, but I’m pretty sure that all of my books only count as one each.

I will read a total of 35 books (including the ones that I have already read) by the end of the year.


9th January 2015

Quarter Three Writing Goal:

My goal is to write poems.

Specific: Poems to me are quite intriguing. I never really liked them when I was younger and I haven’t written any recently.

Measurable: I will put them all on a Google Folder.

Actionable: I will write as often as I want. I feel that restricting myself to writing at certain times will only lead to failure, so I’m going to be a bit more relaxed this quarter.

Realistic: I will write at least six poems of any length, but I won’t be unfair and do six short poems.

Timely: There is a competition known as the “Hong Kong Budding Poets.” I have heard a little bit about it from my creative writing class and this year I feel like giving it a try. I think the due date to submit is the 20th of January, but it might have been for February. I want to submit one poem to that, but I will continue to write other poems for the rest of quarter three.

Quarter Three Reading Goal:

My goal is to try to read books more often.

Specific: I want to read more, because I feel that the reason I don’t have many books on my reading log is because I don’t take much time to just read.

Measurable: My reading log is a Google Doc.

Actionable: I will try to read at least two hours and thirty minutes every week.

Realistic: I will also try to read a bigger variety of books.

Timely: I will finish at the end of quarter three, but of course I will keep reading for my whole life.

9th January 2015

Jonah P’s Quarter Two Goals Presentation Rubric

Jonah P’s Quarter Two Goals Presentation

15th December 2014

Quarter Two Language Arts Work Habits

5th November 2014

Quarter One Goals Presentation Rubric

3rd November 2014

Quarter Two Writing Goal:

My goal is to improve my grammar and spelling in essays.

Specific: I often make careless mistakes in my pieces of writing.

Measurable: I will write all the careless mistakes I make on a document and practice correcting them.

Actionable: In every piece of writing I do, I will reread the whole thing at least once to look for minor, careless mistakes.

Realistic: I will reread all writing I do, from homework to tests.

Timely: I will have better grammar and spelling in my tests, so I’ll continue this even after quarter two.


Quarter Two Reading Goal:

My goal is to use my Wonder Words Wall this quarter.

Specific: I will actually use my Wonder Words Wall.

Measurable: My Wonder Words Wall is on my blog.

Actionable: Have at least one word every week.

Realistic: I will get the words from all the books that I read.

Timely: Finish on December 18, 2014.

4th September 2014

Quarter One Writing Goal:

My goal is to try to write more stories for the fun of it.

Specific: I will try to write more fictional stories (free writing).

Measurable: I will have a Google Doc with all of the stories in it.

Actionable: I need to discipline myself to try writing something every weekend.

Realistic: I need a lot of discipline, focus and motivation. I also need to enjoy it.

Timely: I won’t have a deadline, I will keep writing. Maybe I will try to write 3 stories by October 17th.


Quarter One Reading Goal:

My goal is to find more interesting books to read.

Specific: I find that reading books that are boring or uninteresting is hard because I don’t like reading without enjoying it.

Measurable: I will make a list of the books to see which ones I should read and cross off the books I have read once I have read them.

Actionable: I will get recommendations from my friends, family and teachers.

Realistic: I need to ask people and maybe look at bookstore/library recommendations.

Timely: I will find at least 16 recommendations.


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