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Reading Comprehension Assessment

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Tuff Time:

Q: Are the Socs and Greasers really that different? Why? Why not?

A: I believe that the Socs and Greasers are similar in ways, but also a bit different. Of course the amount of money they have is one difference, but another difference mentioned in the book is their feelings. “It’s not money, it’s feeling-you don’t feel anything and we feel too violently,” (page: 38). This is a quote from Ponyboy that accurately describes their differences. On the other hand, they are all kids who all have problems. “Things are rough all over” (page: 35). This is a quote from Cherry that talks about the similiarities between both groups. Both groups are filled with troublemakers, but both groups have their own problems. They live in the same general area (seperated by the east and west sides).

Q: Are there any connections you can make to any of the charcters and/or their situation?

A: I can’t really connect to any of the characters so much, because I don’t have many problems in life. Hong Kong is much safer than wherever these people live. We don’t get jumped and beaten by random people, we aren’t distinguished into two social classes, and we don’t all carry switchblades everywhere we go.

Q: Why do you think Johnny killed Bob?

A: He was scared that Bob was going to murder Ponyboy. Maybe it also had something to do with revenge, because I think that Bob was the one who beat up Johnny earlier. The main reason was to save Ponyboy.

Q: What could have been some alternatives?

A: Instead of killing Bob, Johnny could have just punched him or called for help. The best thing would have been to distract Bob, causing him to release his grip on Pony. This would give the window opportunity that Ponyboy needs, allowing Pony to beat up Bob and run. They probably should have just ran.

Q: Why do you think Ponyboy and Johnny’s situation prompted Ponyboy’s recitation of “Nothing Gold Can Stay?”

A: Ponyboy would have never recited the poem with Two-Bit, Dally, or even Sodapop. He recited it because the moment was perfect for it. He learned that Johnny thinks deeply about things, so that’s why he felt it was appropriate to say the poem in front of Johnny. Also, because it matched what Johnny was thinking.

Q: Who is innocent? Who has experience? (Think about all characters).

A: In the story, no one is innocent. Everyone is guilty of something. They all have experience. A group of Socs ganged up on Johnny. Johnny killed a guy. Dally is the complete opposite of innocent. Everyone has done something that they regret. Ponyboy shouldn’t have left Darry. Darry shouldn’t have hit Ponyboy. This isn’t to say that everyone is bad, but no one is 100% clean.

Q: What is the difference between Cherry the Soc and Cherry the Dreamer?

A: Cherry the Soc is the way that Cherry acts in front of her peers, to maintain her reputation. It’s sort of her outside, where Cherry the Dreamer is what she’s like on the inside. Cherry the Soc tries to not hang out with Greasers, in fear that the other Socs will think less of her. She tries to act tough, but she’s really more like Ponyboy in their interests. She likes to chat with Greasers and she likes to do things like watch sunsets and watch movies, but in order to keep up that “tough girl” look, she has to act differently than she normally does.

Q: Are Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally heroes? Why? Why not?

A: Although Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally are heroic, they aren’t exactly heroes. They may have done righteous things, but classifying them as heroes doesn’t really make sense. They do bad things, so why aren’t they villains? They are just normal people, nothing spectacular or anything. There shouldn’t be heroes or villains, there should just be people. They are sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Q: How do we know Darry does truly care for Ponyboy?

A: The book makes it really obvious (to the reader, at least) that Darry does really care about Ponyboy. Ponyboy doesn’t believe this, because he is young and makes bad decisions (sometimes). Ponyboy is one of the few members of Darry’s family that are still alive, so of course Darry cares for him! Darry wants to make sure that Ponyboy is safe, he’s never really said anything with the intention of hurting Ponyboy. Sometimes Darry may be depressed for some reason, so he might take out his anger on Ponyboy, but Darry just wants his brother to be safe.

Q: Write what you understand about the line that Cherry said about loving Dallas Winston:

“I could fall in love with Dallas Winston. I hope I never see him again or I will.” -Cherry Valance (pg. 46).

A: I feel that Cherry means to say that she can fall in love with anyone. It may be something else, but I’m not quite sure that I understand the quote. Maybe it means that compared to the Socs, Dallas Winston is nothing, though I doubt that is what she means. Maybe she could fall in love with Dallas Winston because she likes him, or she likes the way he acts. She possibly means that if she spends time with anyone, she might love them.

Q: In realizing that Cherry has green eyes, what does this signify for Ponyboy and his understanding of people and the world?

A: Ponyboy hates green eyes. Ponyboy used to judge people by what eyes they have. He always pretends that his eyes are grey. Now that Ponyboy has met Cherry, he realizes not to judge people by what they look like. His understanding of people was that if they had a certain eye color, they acted similar to other people with the same eye color. Now, he knows that this is not true.


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