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30th May 2015

A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons, By Cressida Cowell

Driftwood: Pieces of miscellaneous wood floating in the sea.

Reverberate: A loud, echoing noise that repeats.

Skulk: Stay hidden (because of sinisterness or cowardice).

Stinkpot: A bad smelling person.

Plug-ugly: Very ugly.


How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel, By Cressida Cowell

Indentation: A small inwards dent in something.

Inexorably: Unpreventable.

Affronted: Something that offends someone.

Jostled: Bumped around in a crowd.


26th May 2015

How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero, By Cressida Cowell

Bluebottle: A type of blowfly.

Acutely: Intensely.

Woozy: Dizzy.

Deadening: To make something less intense.

Fretful: Feeling distressed.

Protruding: Sticking out of something.

Seabird: A bird from the sea.

Remises: A second thrust after an unsuccessful first one (swordfighting/fencing).

Imminent: About to happen quickly.

Druid: A priest or wizard.

Bard: Poet or musician.


13th May 2015

The Outsiders Quizlet Test


5th May 2015

How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale, By Cressida Cowell

Uncouth: lack of manners or grace.

Loutish: uncouth and thug-like.

Scalded: to be harmed by a very hot liquid.

Bootee: a baby’s shoe (made of wool).

Reverberating: a loud repeating noise.

Pustules: a pimple/blister with pus.

Opaqueness: blocking light; non-transparent.

Contorted: twisted or bent out of the usual shape of something.

Grotesque: very ugly.

Feverish: showing symptoms of a fever.

Jubilantly: showing great happiness.

Deluge: a huge flood.

2nd March 2015

The Giver Vocabulary Test


16th December 2014

All the Wrong Questions: “Shouldn’t You Be in School?”, By Lemony Snicket

I found many new words in this book, however it did not feel too complicated. The words were just for enhancement, they did not confuse the meaning of the story. I found even more than the ones listed below, but I will try to reread parts of the book to find most of them.

Adversely/Adverse: Adjective, decreasing success or badly. Example: The feedback had adversely affected the author.

Lollygagging/Lollygag: Verb, informal way of saying that one uses time without aim or control. Example: “Come on! Quit lollygagging!” He shouted at me.

Arson: Noun, setting someone’s property on fire on purpose. Example: The man had comitted arson many times, which is why they sent him to prison.

Prestigious: Adjective, having a large influence on others; being of a high ranking. Example: We visited a very prestigious university.

Affix: Verb, attach or stick something to something else. Example: He was able to affix the sticker to his book.

Pedagogical/Pedagogic: Adjective, associated with teaching. Example: The man was skilled with pedagogics.

Slatternly: Adjective, untidy and unprofessional. Example: They were looking quite slatternly after last night.

Bashful: Adjective, shy; unwanting to draw attention to themselves. Example: The girl hiding in the corner was obviously quite bashful.

Farro: Noun, a type of grain similar to rice. Example: The farro from this restaurant was incredibly tasty.

Sautéed/Sauté: Adjective, fried quickly in hot fat. Example: He quickly sautéed the potatoes.

Zilch: Pronoun, informal way of saying nothing. Example: Even after all of the investigations, we learned zilch.


12th December 2014

The Scorch Trails, By: James Dashner

Decay: Verb, deteriorating or decomposition of an organic substance. Example: The child had a bad case of tooth decay.

Craggy: Adjective, containing many crags, which are steep hills. Example: They slowly hiked up the craggy mountain.

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