G8 Unit 1 Summary Jonah Paull

My work habits for this unit are okay. I have two inconsistents, the rest are consistent. The areas I need to improve on are completing assignments on time and beginning class with the right materials. This is because I had to get two orange slips in the first few weeks. When I did a self reflection for my work habits, I rated myself with low scores in paying attention in class and working well with others in class. However, Mr. Pierce thought I was consistent in those areas. I seldom used my KTW chart, which I kind of regret because it could have be useful for studying for the tests.

Something I mentioned on the Unit 1 Thoughts survey was that the most frustrating part of the unit for me was the native American creation stories dance. Others may disagree, but I just didn’t feel like it was necessary. I would have much preferred to just read the stories. I really felt uncomfortable doing the dance, although I’ll probably remember it for years.

The badge I got was the silver Iroquois League Badge. This was because I had some AE’s, but I had mostly ME’s. My work habits could use some tweaking. I agree with Mr. Pierce, this is the badge for me. I just feel like maybe I deserve a bronze after my performance on the native Americans summative.


SILVER: You showed mastery but I am a bit concerned about your work habits. Look for how to improve them.


A strategy that worked for me would be using the dolls and finding information about them. A strategy that didn’t work would be the dance (again).

For unit 2, I’m going to study harder (and more) for the assessments.

Occupy Hong Kong

End of trust? Hong Kong sees police force in new light – CNN.com.

Student leaders Joshua Wong, left, and Alex Chow helped launch the current protests. They are demanding "real democracy" for Hong Kong.


In 1997, when Hong Kong was handed from the British to the Chinese, the Chinese government promised that Hong Kong would have democracy. In August, China said that Hong Kong would be able to vote on candidates that Beijing have pre-selected. The Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) were organizing a protest because they wanted Hong Kong to have true democracy. The protests got more attention after three students were arrested and their supporters were tear gassed.



I don’t support neither disapprove of the protest. I feel that although the protest is blocking up roads and messing up people’s schedules, if they are passionate about democracy, it should be worth it. I personally don’t mind it, I just don’t want people getting hurt.



I want to know who will win the protest. I’ve heard predictions from people that China will win and the protesters will just go home, but I’m not sure about it. I also want to know when the protest will end because I don’t want people to get hurt out there.