PBL Lights Project Basic Questions

1) What are you going to build?

My team and I have decided to make an automatic light switch so the lights will turn on without anyone having to press a switch. It will come in handy for saving electricity, as it will turn off when someone leaves the room. Basically, if anyone enters or leaves a room, the lights will turn on.

2) Why have you decided to build this object (energy transfer system) a working model?

We heavily debated about what we were going to make a model of. We had many ideas, and we researched for a few lazy-people problems. At first, we tried to think of any way possible to turn on/off the lights without having to get up. We thought of any ideas, I even suggested a really long stick. We finally agreed on a motion sensor and we decided that it was about more than just a lazy-person problem. We could save energy for people.

3) What materials are you going to need to complete your build?

We will need:

-A motion sensor.

-Some wire (maybe around 12 inches).

-A few large-ish lightbulbs to test it.

-A door (we could use a cardboard one).

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  1. Ken R says:

    Hello Johah,

    Here are the second blog questions:

    1. Who is in your group and what has been your role in the group in terms of taking initiative to successfully select and complete your group’s project?
    2. How do you feel about ho
    w you have learned new knowledge in doing this project?
    3. How has your group overcome problems or difficulties in accomplishing your task?

    Ken Rohrs

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