Prejudice Project Reflection

23rd March, 2015.

In this project, I learned a lot of things about my classmates that I didn’t know before. I learned about their (or their family/friends) experiences with prejudice. Many of the stories told were about racism, but there were other forms of prejudice shown as well. All of them had to do with both prejudice and identity, as the people in the stories were treated unfairly because of their identity. In the ones about racism, stereotypes were typically mentioned as a contributing factor to the racism. I saw all four of the key words being demonstrated in the presentations. In the first lesson, I knew racism and prejudice were bad, and I had some idea of what all of the words meant. After learning through the videos and the prejudice presentations, I feel a more personal connection and I can really understand what these concepts mean. At the beginning, I thought it was a distant thing that never really affected me too much. Now, I know more about it.

Civics Unit Reflection

Q: How do you feel you did on the Government Unit?

A: I think I did very good (for my standards) because I met expectations on almost every test, including the PSA. I even exceeded in the CRAAP test, which I was very proud of. Although this unit was a bit stressful with so many tests, I felt that it was well worth our time, because in tenth grade, humanities classes are on American history (I think), so we are now prepared for that.


Q: What would you do differently next time?

A: I may have gotten good grades, but I definitely need to use the five-day study plan better, as I was struggling to use that effectively. I would also try to save my skip until afterward.


Q: What study strategies worked best for you?

A: I believe that the “Do I Have a Right?” game by iCivics was a very helpful strategy that was easily the greatest contributor to memorizing the Bill of Rights. I was completely addicted to the game.



Q: What strategies didn’t work?

A: The five-day study plan.


Q: Next time there is a test, how will you prepare?

A: Five-day study plan.