AP Computer Science Principles | Big Data

  1. Do you think in the future Big Data will be more or less important than the Internet? Why?

I believe that the internet will be more important than Big Data, although Big Data is very important. I believe this because much of Big Data collection relies on the internet. Although Big Data can create something to surpass current technology, it generally requires internet to work. Without internet, Big Data would be harder to collect, thus the internet is more important.

  1. How much data do you think is collected about you every day?

A lot. I’m sure everything I do is being collected, and I don’t do a very good job of hiding it. My computer and phone’s cameras can be used to see what I am doing, the microphone to hear what I am saying. I don’t believe that information is being collected, but I know it can be. What is being collected is my browsing history, my internet habits, and it is being used by advertisers and others. I sometimes get things “recommended for me” when browsing websites, and usually I don’t give them any information.

  1. How is Big Data changing and/or impacting your daily life?

At the moment, Big Data is not impacting my daily life so much, but I presume it will in the future. AI has already proven to be more powerful than human minds, and it will only get stronger, as we have seen. It starts through small things like advertisers recommending me things without me telling them what I like, but it will evolve to greater things, and potentially scarier things.

  1. Are there ways you could interact with data in your daily activities that would be helpful?

Data can assist me and make things easier, it can change my life to fit my previous interests, but it can also be used to discover things beyond the human mind’s power. For example, AI has proven to have found new types of diseases and potential treatments for them.

  1. How do you envision Big Data and technology being used to help solve problems facing the world and humanity?

As I mentioned earlier, AI and Big Data can be used to surpass human potential, and create/discover things that would have taken humans far more time, if they could even figure it out at all. AI can be used to treat diseases, discover them, advance technology, and more.

  1. How do you think Big Data could be utilized to solve a problem in HKIS?

Big Data can be used at school to see which websites or what browsing habits the students (and teachers) have, and could allow teachers to fine-tune classes to the interests of the students. This however, would be a breach of privacy (in my opinion), but I know it probably already takes place 😉