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Hebocon is described as “the best worst robot competition.” It’s a competition where the main gimmick is the fact that all of the robots look and control like garbage. I was given a pack of various parts for construction, some batteries, and a motor. I did not make any improvements outside of class, however I put blue tack on some parts later on in the class.

All was looking good for my robot, however I decided to sacrifice my motor for one of my fellow classmates, so I had to start from scratch. I used a robot I had created last year, a VEX one that was remote-controlled. Because my robot was remote-controlled, I easily defeated the competition, however there was one robot that stopped me. Some kind of spinning robot severed my wires using its rotating blades, preventing the movement of my robot, which led to my defeat.

If I could do this all again, I probably would have used my old robot, because I really liked the way it moved. It was a great robot, and it was a shame I couldn’t use it in the competition. Next time, I’d pack a spare motor to give away in case anyone was missing theirs 😉


My original robot (Called Ethan Tan):

My old robot (Called Ethan Sisbarro):

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