APCSA | (d)Encryption Program

My video answers the below questions:

Guiding questions and instructions for your blog post

  1. What encryption method have you chosen, why did you choose it?
  2. What are the pros and cons of this encryption method?
  3. Include sketches (e.g. flowchart, pseudocode, diagrams…) you drafted before writing the code.
  4. In the screencast, show the classes hierarchy of your program
  5. Explain the functions of different methods
  6. Demonstrate how your program encrypt and decrypt a message
  7. What have you learned in this project and how does it connect with the topics we covered? (String operations, arrays, loops…)

Github Links:



Main Class


Resources Used:

“Java Tutorial – Caesar Cipher” by Zoran Davidović

“Atbash Cipher” by Hanging Hyena