Final Reflection

  1. When looking at my Unit 3 – 6 portfolio, I see my greatest achievement has been improving on my projects. My specific greatest achievement was definitely the Oral Style Analysis project where we read a book and then did a presentation on the author’s writing style. I really enjoyed this project because I was able to go in-depth into an entire novel and really delve into an author’s style. I think that it was really interesting to analyze an entire book instead of just a short story or poem. I also think it was interesting to listen to other people’s books and to see how different they are. I am really proud of how I did and I was able to earn an EE in all competencies. 
  2. When looking at my feedback on my work and Mastery Data (as found in Schoology), I noticed that I have gotten new helpful feedback but it is more positive, and my mastery has stayed about the same. In regards to my feedback, I think that my feedback has shown some growth. One example of this is when Mrs. Brayko wrote “Regan, in general you are gaining more confidence in your interpretation and in knowing what evidence to bring in. You are supporting the evidence with commentary. Organization is improving”. However, I of course still have things that I can work on. Specifically, my clarity and specific vocabulary can be improved. In terms of my mastery, it has pretty much remained the same with the majority of my competencies above 85% (most at 100%) and then the rest are at around 75%. I only have 4 below 75% which I think is good, considering how many there are.
  3. Considering most of second semester was virtual learning, I’d like to say that I am thankful that Mrs. Brayko and all of us were able to adapt to the situation. I am also proud of myself for continuing to complete all assignments to the best of my ability because going online can become a battle with motivation. Overall I think that I learned just as much as I would have in class because I was able to stay on track. 
  4. When reviewing my goal for Semester 2, I can say that I have completed it. My original goal was to improve my question writing. As I mentioned above, Mrs. Brayko does agree with me in that I have generally improved in knowing what I need to do, but of course, I still do have things that I can work on in my writing. When taking my AP exam, my hard work paid off because I felt comfortable answering the Q2 and I am confident in my response. 
  5. How do writers from different eras or movements write differently? Writers from different eras write differently because writers write about something that they were inspired by. Writers are inspired by the things around them, so often writers write about what is going on around them which changes in time. For example, I read the play “A Doll’s House” which was written in the 1900s when the women’s movement was beginning. The main character was a woman who was realizing her independence which clearly reflects the changing times. This same issue was also reflected in the short story we read called “The Yellow Wallpaper”. The characters, themes, and storyline often reflect the era or movements at the time of the writer. 

U3 Shared Inquiry

My reflection: I was able to earn an ME in all categories as I was prepared going into the conversation and spoke up when I could. I asked a lot of interesting questions which was good but I think I could have answered a few more to show my unique ideas.

Notes for preperation:


U5 Novel Lectures

Mrs. Brayko’s Feedback: Regan, Your lecture showed emotional connection to the play and knowledge of the text and scenes. Although you did provide some markers for organization, I believe the hardest thing for me was following what your main points were and when you were moving to the next (coherence). I wondered if you confused conflict or rising action with climax at one point. Your conclusion brought your myriad of ideas into focus and the notion of women’s empowerment came through, especially toward the end. Future focus: Slow down, explain deeper and with greater connectedness one idea to the next.

My reflection: I was honestly really proud of all of my lectures, not just my chosen one. I think that I was really prepared and put a lot of work into my lectures.


U4: Original Poem

Mrs. Brayko’s Feedback: Regan, Valiant effort with writing a sonnet. You’ve got the subject, the emotion, the turn, the rhyme scheme, some lovely word choice, too. The thee’s and thou’s are not used properly nor have you achieved iambic pentameter. See more notes on doc.

My reflection: I think that I reached a little high by choosing to write a sonnet but I wanted to try and push myself. I think that my ideas were good but my execution in regards to actually making it a sonnet needed some work. I think if I had done it correctly then it would have been a really beautiful sonnet. 

U4 AP Q1 Revision (S)

Mrs. Brayko’s Feedback: Regan, in general you are gaining more confidence in your interpretation and in knowing what evidence to bring in. You are supporting the evidence with commentary. Organization is improving. Future focus: Use more exact, specific language/vocabulary (ie “contentious” versus “negative”). Look for ways to bind your ideas to one another for improved cohesion.

My reflection: I think that I continued to improve with this piece but I still have some things to work on as mentioned above. I was able to get more ME’s than AE’s which I am happy about. Overall, I am proud of this piece.

U4 Oral Style Analysis Documentation

Link to my presentation:

Link to my notes:

Link to video of my presentation:

My Reflection: I really enjoyed this project because I was able to go in-depth into an entire novel and really delve into an author’s style. I think that it was really interesting to analyze an entire book instead of just a short story or poem. I also think it was interesting to listen to other people’s books and to see how different they are. I am really proud of how I did and I was able to earn an EE in all competencies.

U4 AP Q1 10-minute drill A or B





My Reflection: I am glad we got to do another one of these 10 minute drills because I think I am able to improve a little bit each time that we do it. I am proud of how I did on this one because I was able to meet expectations in all categories.

Semester One Reflection

Semester One Reflection

Regan Boyle

  1. When looking at my Unit 1 and Unit 2 portfolio, I see my greatest achievement has been my Great Poet’s Teaching Project. I think that through this project I was really able to showcase my ability to create and plan a lesson and then execute the actual lesson. This project also covered a lot of competencies so I was able to show my learning in a multitude of areas. I got to delve deep into a particular poet and then create a lesson plan for my classmates. I had to practice my public speaking and I also had to fully understand my poet and his poems in order to teach it to others. Not only this, but through this project I was also able to listen and learn about other poets from my other classmates. This helped me to expand my “teaching style” and learn some new techniques. Overall, I am really happy with this project and how I was able to show my abilities.
  2. When looking at my feedback on my work (as found in Schoology), I see I still struggle with in class essay writings and revising them. I think that I have always struggled with these even since AP Lang but I definitely improved on my second revised writing. I think that I improved, in part, because I went in to see Mrs. Brayko and she helped me to understand the whole idea of the questions. However, I find that I still am struggling with it and I want to continue to improve on these as the year goes on. In order to do this, I have really be trying to use these 10-minute drills as a chance to practice and learn. I also have gone and looked at some other past questions and practiced and then checked with the sample responses. By doing this and taking steps to improve, I hope to improve my AP question writing.
  3. When looking at my process piece, U2 Short Story Written Interpretation (drafts 1-4), I improved my work in many ways. First I decided to write my draft ahead of time so that I would have the time to have multiple drafts. After writing my first draft I made a meeting with Mrs. Brayko because I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track. My meeting with her was really helpful and I was able to rearrange my writing and tweak my thesis. I ended up being really ahead and I was able to help other people in our class with their thesis’. After editing my second draft, I came into class and we had peer revision. My partner’s edits helped me to edit and have a third draft. Lastly, I made my own final edits and and read it out loud to make sure everything was correct and how I wanted it to be. In the end, I am really happy with how this piece turned out and my editing process. I think that these are the steps I should follow in the future.
  4. When looking at my Mastery data in Schoology for this course, I notice that I am doing really well in a lot of the sections but have not done the best in a few. In F4, F3.2, F2.2, F13.2, C1, F8, C5, C7, C3, C4, C12, C10, and C11, I have 75% and above. I have 100% in 6 of those which I think is really good because that means that for these competencies I have all EE’s in them, and for 13 out of 16 of them I have over 75%. However, I do have 3 that are below 75% which I hope to improve second semester. I also noticed that the competency that I have the lowest number in is one where I have only had one chance to show my learning in, so hopefully as the year continues I will be able to place more markers in this competency in order to further show my learning. I also have a star next to each of the competencies that says mastery achieved. Overall, I am happy with my mastery but I do think that my spreadsheet shows my learning better.
  5. Having reviewed the semester’s reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking, as well as my collaboration, creativity, and resilience, a goal I have for Semester 2 is to work on my question writing because I think that is what I need the most work on. I love reading and I love writing but this is just one type of writing that has been really hard for me to grasp. I hope to continue to grow with this and hopefully be able to feel confident when any AP question is given to me. As I mentioned before, I hope to do this by practicing questions that have been released on college board on my own and even using some of the Albert questions that are available to me.


        My first impression of AP Lit was that it would be a sort of continuation of AP lang but of course, literature-based. This is partly why I signed up for it because although I hadn’t loved lang, I love literature and I didn’t want to give up this amazing opportunity. I honestly thought that we would only be reading the same old books as a whole class with no choice and basically just doing a book club for the whole year but I was very wrong.

        We have been able to delve into poems from all different times and written by all different authors. For example, we have read sonnets by William Shakespeare but we have also read poems like “homage to my hips” by Lucille Clifton. Both of these poems were written at different times, by different authors, about extremely different topics, yet I was able to pull amazing ideas out of both of them. I think that this is one of the best things about this course: the diversity in the content that we are analyzing. Furthermore, we were able to choose a short story from a wide range of short stories. I chose “Who’s Irish” because of the connection I felt I would have to the story and I was right. I didn’t really think many people had a life similar to mine growing up, but I guess I do. The story was about a Chinese immigrant mother, her daughter, her daughter’s Irish husband, and their child. This reminded me a lot of my Lola (grandma) who immigrated from the Philippines to New York where my mom was born and married my father who is Canadian. In New York, they had me and my siblings and my Lola continued to live with us. I really felt like I could connect with this story, and I was able to make this connection because of the diversity of stories and because of the choice that we had. Not only this, but we have also been given the choice about what novel we want to read, and the novels all have literary merit but are all extremely unique from one another. 

        Aside from the diversity of texts, I had no idea how deep we would be going into poetry in Unit 1. In previous classes, we had simply done TPCASTT’s but in this class, we have gone much further than that. Through the Great Poets Project I was able to fully delve into learning about a single poet and creating a lesson plan. Through this, I was able to exemplify in many of the competencies and show my best work. I was also able to learn about other poets through the lessons of my classmates.

        Before Unit 2 I had never actually read a lot of short stories but this unit gave me the opportunity to delve into multiple short stories. I was able to analyze “Who’s Irish” and make our Dragon Notes Video on it. I thought this was a really cool project because it wasn’t a typical English class project and we were able to have a lot of freedom in how we wanted to present our story. I was also able to analyze “Yellow Wallpaper” through the Short Story Written Interpretation. In Unit 1 we had 2 process pieces that I didn’t do too well on but I was able to improve greatly on this process piece. I was able to get an ME in all competencies and even an EE in one, when before I had a majority of AE’s. I am really proud of my improvement in this way because I took a lot of time and effort to try and really push myself on this piece.

        After taking a semester of AP Lit, my idea of AP Lit has definitely changed. In only this one semester, I have honestly learned more than I have in a long time. Our units on poetry and short stories have so far shown me how diverse this course really is and how deep we are able to go into every single text that we find. I feel like I am now much better equipped with the skills to analyze a multitude of different types of texts. I am excited to grow and learn even more in the semester to come!

U2: SS Interpretation

My Reflection:  I think that this was definitely my best processed writing so far. I met with Mrs. Brayko at the beginning which was really helpful because I ended up rearranging my paper and deleting a whole chunk of it. I really enjoyed analyzing a story and creating a unique paper on it. Overall, I am happy with how I have improved. I was able to get an ME in all standards and an EE in c5.

Mrs. Brayko’s Comment: “Regan, this turned out quite well. The ideas are sound, the textual evidence adequate, the analysis is coming along as I would expect. You’ve definitely grown here through this process. It is best to upload a version that I can leave comments on for you. I did not have the ability to leave comments on your Google doc. And Future focus: MLA citation formatting. Proofreading with special attention to punctuation and punctuating quoted material.”

U2: Essential Question Reponse

To what extent are stories also the human story, my story?

I think that stories are also both the human story and my story. I think that stories are the human story in part because a lot of stories reflect the historical and cultural events of the time that they are written in. For example, lots of stories are written by African Americans that often reflect the segregation that they faced at one point in human history. Furthermore, stories are all written by different authors and different people from different backgrounds, with different beliefs and ideas. In turn, this allows for stories to at least represent some part of humans in the world. Not only this, but I also think that stories are my story because I can relate to almost every single story in some way, no matter what the subject. For example, the story “Who’s Irish” by Gish Jen. The story is about a Chinese mother who immigrated to America and has a daughter who married an Irish man. I can relate to this because my Lola (grandma) immigrated to the United States where my mom married a Canadian man. Although it may not be the exact same cultures, I can definitely relate to this story and I’m sure my Lola and mom can too. This is just one story where I find myself finding instant connections between me and the story. All in all, this is why I believe that stories are both the human story and my story.