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Photo on 6-1-16 at 12.16 PMPhoto on 5-19-16 at 2.06 PMPhoto on 5-11-16 at 1.53 PMPhoto on 3-17-16 at 1.55 PMPhoto on 3-17-16 at 1.55 PM #2Photo on 3-17-16 at 1.55 PM #3Photo on 3-17-16 at 1.56 PMPhoto on 3-17-16 at 1.56 PM #2Photo on 1-11-16 at 12.29 PMPhoto on 1-11-16 at 12.30 PMPhoto on 1-11-16 at 12.30 PM #2Reading Summative Reflection: When I saw an AE on the paper I wasn’t that surprised. The whole time when I was on this summative I was confused. Next time I definetly think I will take my time on the reading the essay so the paper really goes through my skull.





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Marley And Me, John Grogan


Breezeway- A roofed outdoor passage form garage to House.

Motive- A reason for doing something.

Feigning- Pretending to do something.
Sonogram- A picture showing a sound or energy at different frequencies.
Neonnatal- Relating to young children.
Pernitoligists- Obstetricians who practice maternal fatal medicine.
The Martian: Andy Weir
Sojurner: A space robot that moves on a planets surface.
Hallucinogenic: It is a hallucinating agent.
Lcd what does it stand for. L=Liquid C=Crystal =Display
Hydrazine: A colorless Alkaline liquid.
Radioisotop: A radioactive isotope
Thermoelectric: Electricity produced by heat
Into thin air by Jon Krakauer
Ascend: Go up of climb
Bergschrund: A deep slit of ice in a glacier
Dead End In Norvelt By: Jack Gantos
Obituary: A notice of death in the newspaper.
Utopian: A state where everything is perfect.
Amo clip: A device stored to hold multiple rounds of bullets
Bayer: ?
Chisel: A long bladed tool that helps cut things.
Phonetically: Relating to science
Feral: A animal in wild state.
Hearse: A vehicle for conveying a Coffin at a funeral.
Commie: A comunist.
Dentures: A removing of plate holding teeth.
Forlornly: To lose completly
Aztec: A Member of an American Indian group that dominated Mexico.
Cortes: A legislative assembly of Spain and Portugal.
Scythe: A tool used for cutting crops or weeds.
Formaldehyde: A colorless Pungent gas solution made by oxidizing methanol.
Ornery: Bat tempered.
Beau: A boyfriend or male admirer.
Vermin: Wild animals or birds that are believed to be harmful to crops or farming supplies.
Minks: Small Carnivore in North America and Eurasia.
Tirade: Long angry speech of disagreement
Convulsions: A sudden movement of a limb.
Embalming Room:  The place where people take dead peoples organs out of their body.
Enders Game By, Orson Scott Card:
Breast Bone: A bone that goes through the center of your chest that connects your ribs together.
Commiserate: To express and feel empathy.
Mallaeble: To put something in a shape without cracking or braking.
Pinuel: To scramble or unscramble a word.
Curvature: Something that is curved

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