Soudtrack Of the year

1. Highway To Hell By ACDC

I choose this song because we are eighth graders and we are going into high school. Almost as if we are on a highway to hell. Now we arnt going to hell but it will definitely get harder as we go into High School.

2. Stressed out by 21 pilots

I choose this song because even in the name theres stressed in it. In my middle school career and especially in eighth grade I have definitely been stressed.

3. See You Again By Wiz Khalifa.

I choose this song because two of my best friends are moving and I hope to see them again.

4. Don’t Worry Be Happy By Bobby Mcferrin

You want to care about your schoolwork of course but you don’t need to put you whole life on the line when you are taking a test. So, don’t worry be happy.

5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

When you are in the school year there is always something in the back of your head, summer. Summer is always somewhere, somewhere over the rainbow.

6. I Wont Give Up by Jason Mraz

You always want to give up in the school year but you can’t. If you want to get good grades you have to not give up and study for that test.

Competence Unit – Social Studies

What would you do differently next time?

If I did this unit again the main thing I would do is not wait till the last night to study everything. When I do this it increases my stress level the night before the test which is exactly what you do not wont to be doing. If I did this unit I think I would use the five day study plan to not be stressed out the night before the test.

What strategies worked out for you the best and what strategie do you want to use next time?

The stategie that worked it for me the best was note taking. Also it was reviewing your notes after. This strategie worked for me because it gave me a deeper understanding of the chapters. One strategie I would use next time would be the five day study plan. This plan would help me with time management so I dont just do everything the last night.

Spring Parent Conference Reflection

Photo on 3-8-16 at 11.29 AM

From the conferences and the brain frame sheet the things I most likely need to work on in language arts is reading every night. This means reading every night for at least 30 minutes. Another thing I need to work on in all of my cores is not spacing out while trying to listen. The way my parents and Ms. Bevear decided on fixing this is just taking a break and walking outside for 2 minutes. One more big thing I need to work on is not using filler words in my everyday life and my presentations. In our goals presentation that was one of my weaknesses as I had around five to ten. I can work on this by stoping myself whenever I say it in my everyday life. Overall it was a pretty good conference.

LA Goals

Photo on 6-6-16 at 1.58 PM #3Photo on 6-6-16 at 1.58 PM #2Photo on 2-18-16 at 10.50 AMQuarter 2

Reading Goal:

My Reading goal for this next quarter is to get at least ten words per book on my wonder words wall. One problem I have had this last semester is writing down words that I don’t know about. I can achieve this goal by having a pencil and a sticky note in my book at all times.

Writing Goal:

My writing goal for this next quarter is to actually use the words that we studied for Quizlet in my stories. I can achieve this goal by looking through the Quizlet words while I’m editing my stories to see if i can replace the regular words for a more complicated word. This will improve my word choice grade.


Quarter 4

Reading Goal:

My reading goal for this quarter is to consistently read a book every month. That means if I were to put a date on when i finished the book it wouldn’t be in spurts.

Writing Goal:

My writing goal for this quarter is to not see a sea of blue(Or whatever color Ms. Bevear is using to edit). This means that I want to have less errors in my writing pieces.

I can show these goal by having picture evidence of the consistency in my reading log. I’ll also show evidence by taking pictures of the growth and the less color in my essays. I’ll also take screenshots of my essays in the beginning of the year to now.

Grade 8 Writing

Photo on 6-6-16 at 1.58 PMPhoto on 6-1-16 at 12.13 PMIMG_0610Photo on 5-16-16 at 12.15 PMIn this writing piece I felt really good about my content. I explained everything clearly and I stated my facts well. One thing that I always am not very good at it editing. It showed in this piece as I got an AE on my language.     Photo on 3-17-16 at 1.59 PMPhoto on 3-17-16 at 2.00 PMPhoto on 3-17-16 at 2.01 PMPhoto on 3-17-16 at 2.02 PMPhoto on 3-17-16 at 2.02 PM #2Photo on 3-17-16 at 2.03 PMPhoto on 1-11-16 at 12.17 PMPhoto on 1-11-16 at 12.18 PM Photo on 1-11-16 at 12.19 PM Photo on 1-11-16 at 12.19 PM #2 Persuasive Essay Reflection: When Looked at the edited paper I was disappointed as it was slightly better than my other essays but the essay still looks like a sea of blue(or black, whichever pen she is using). One thing that I did,’t do is write formally. There are a couple spots where I should’ve used more formal words. For example I said gonna, instead of going. Another thing is that I did not cite my sourced enough in the piece. Almost every paragraph there is a place that I need to cite. Overall I did better that my other writing pieces but i’m still not there yet for getting all ME.

Photo on 11-5-15 at 12.07 PMPhoto on 11-5-15 at 12.07 PM #2Photo on 11-5-15 at 12.07 PM #3Photo on 11-5-15 at 12.08 PMPhoto on 11-5-15 at 12.10 PMPhoto on 11-5-15 at 12.10 PM #2Photo on 10-14-15 at 11.09 AMI feel like i should’ve took more time to grade myself and think about it. As i got some of my grades wrong. Photo on 10-14-15 at 11.10 AM #2On this page i should’ve put more pharagraphs to show that it was the conclusion. Photo on 10-14-15 at 11.10 AM On this page i could’ve took more time editing and reading aloud. I should also try and finish the draft earlyier so i will have more time to edit my piece. Photo on 9-21-15 at 11.18 AMI felt like i did okay on this picture. I feel like i did a good job grading myself as i was mostly correct. Photo on 9-21-15 at 11.18 AM #2   For my story i could’ve listened to it more along with reading it aloud because then I wouldn’t of gotten some of the silly errors that i have.     Photo on 9-21-15 at 11.19 AM   Same with this one, I should’ve looked over my work. I also should’ve explained more in my answers along with reading the question. Photo on 9-21-15 at 11.19 AM #2   I feel good about this one as I got a ME

WordPress Blog question Promps.

1. What have you and your partner accomplished this week?

We have started our rough draft of our skeletal muscle.

2. What will be at the top of your “To do” list for next class?

To finish this skeletal muscle project and finish the other ones.

3. What materials will you need to gather before next class?

Playdoh and a plastic bag.

4. Post a picture of your model as it stands today (design plan or actual model)

Photo on 27-2-15 at 1.42 PMThis picture is a rough draft of the arm. Where we eill put rubber bands into it to make it move.

Selfie poem

Vincent Krembs Vince

I am 12 and i live in Hong Kong

Greenish blue eye color

Hair color is brown and is smooth

I field a ground ball from short stop





Water cycle

This picture is showing the water cycle. In this picture the cycle shows the evaporation. Evaporation can come from a ocean, sea, lake, river, trees and even urination.   The heat energy from the sun evaporates the water.and where it came from and then it goes to condensation and turns into a cloud. Then it goes through precipatation and is either rain, snow, hail or sleet. It does that because of the cool air in the high atmosphere. Evaporation can come from a ocean, sea, lake, river, trees and even urination. There is another evaporation called infiltration and also know as peculation. This is when the water goes through the ground. The heat energy from the sun makes evaporation. The water vapor goes up in the cloud and then condenses back into a liquid and the precipitates.