Book club E-log

Book: Once

Author: Morris Gleiztman

Retell: In this book felix gets on a train but its not a normal train. This train is a train that goes to death camps for jewish people in world war 2. In this train they put a lot of people in one cart so its really crammed and this cart is basically a cube with a stapled door. But felix accidentally kicked the cart and he kicked a hole! Then a bunch of men started pushing it and then they were able to jump out. But the nazis shoot them from the top of the train and when they jumped out and a few survived. So felix, zelda and chaya jumped. Chaya got killed but Felix and zelda survived.

Relate: I can relate from when i am in a airplane i just want to get out of there! Except its not as bad because i am not on a train to death.

Reflect: Why did he jump he could’ve survived the death camp by escaping or surviving.