SML Reflection

My topic was writing a story about a girl with Type One Diabetes going to a new school.

One major challenge which I faced was being placed in a group that didn’t correlate with my topic. I overcame the challenge by receiving advice from outside of the class from people who knew more about it.

My project has changed from being a plan for a long and glorious novel to being a shorter and less glamorous story.

I am proud of what I’ve accomplished in the foreign learning environment and how well I’ve worked so far. I do not feel proud, though, of how much I have written considering how much I once strived for.

I don’t exactly feel creative because during the group reflections during which we are supposed to encourage each other, I don’t really receive the comments or support one would hope for. A condition that would help me feel creative is to be in an environment with people whose projects are more similar/related to mine. 

A specific sample of my learning is the opening paragraph of my story:

The one thing no one ever told me about being a teenager is that the more you try to fit in, the more you end up standing out. This is true when it comes to personality, but even more with appearance. You can see it in movies or TV shows, where the main character is with a group of people and when they start to do their hair like everyone in the group and talk like everyone in the group, they mess up on little details and it eventually becomes too painful to watch. Appearances are important. That is, after all, the first thing noticed by a stranger. When a stranger sees you for the first time, they don’t think about how many languages you can speak or how good of a driver you are. The don’t wonder where you’ve been or where your parents met. They just notice the things that stand out, like the chord traveling from the back of my shoulder to my hip. Like the scars on Abe’s knuckles from the sun. Like the wheelchair supporting Kelsey’s lower body. This all they seem to notice. This is all they seem to care about. This is all they seem to see.

I find the structure of SML this year far more frightening, as well as frustrating than last year’s. Last year, my Social Studies teacher did the project and it was all in his room and working only with him and my classmates whom I’d worked with and known for at least half a year. This was far more comfortable because I knew my teacher before the project and was able to take greater risks and trust that I would have his support. I also knew my classmates and was comfortable to take risks with them. I also like how the presentations last year were only to your class and the parents because it was a smaller group and I was far more relaxed about presenting than this year. 

Response to “How Science Works” Video

I now think science works in a different way. I like the way the video related it towards a pinball machine instead of just a simple method. I can relate to it with our PBL nervous system with a body because instead of easily putting it together like I expected, it took more thinking. Several times, my group and I would need to double check a part of our research to see if it matched with a body part and this also applied to many other scenarios. After watching the video, the scientific process became much more clear to me.

Final PBL Prompted Reflection <3 :)

a) What aspect of the PBL Body System unit did you enjoy the most & why?

I enjoyed the building because I like building things.

b) What did you learn about yourself related to how you function in a group and what was your role on the team?

I found I like to take control, but we didn’t have a leader. Everybody in our group was equal.

c) What would you do different next time you have a big project like this assigned to you?

I would like to plan better because when our group started building the system, we encountered several problems we didn’t think about.

d) Take a few pictures of your model getting details documented in the photos Photo on 16-3-15 at 1.12 PM

Weekly Reflection

  1. What have you and your group accomplished this past week?
  2. What will be at the top of your “To do” list for next class?
  3. What materials will you need to gather before next class?
  4. Post a picture of your model as it stands today (design plan or actual model)

We have made the entire body with cardboard. Next class, we will need to wire the body. We need to gather tape for it. Photo on 27-2-15 at 1.44 PM

Batman vs. The Penguin Debate

The penguin's main idea is he would be a better leader of Gotham than Batman.
His evidence is that in all of the photos, Batman is with criminals, whereas Penguin is with the police.
"My fellow citizens. Let me begin by pointing out some inconsistencies in both the logic and the substance of Mr. Penguin's proceeding remarks." He doesn't flat out say "Mr. Penguin in wrong and I am right." He almost hints it in his opening.

It is unfair to not give each candidate an equal amount of time to debate. It is fair to also give respect to both candidates, no matter what side you are on.

Batman, because he was calm about it but at the same time, he got his point across.

Book Club E-log

Retell: Annemarie’s best friend, Ellen, is a Jew during World War 2. This means the Nazis want to kill Ellen and her family. Annemarie, her mother, her father and her little loudmouth sister, Kirsti, create a dangerous but hopeful plan to lead the Rosens to safety and freedom. Annemarie takes many risks that could end her life for her best friend. In the end of the war, both families are safe and at peace.

Relate: I think that this story shows the best example of a strong, loyal friendship, because Annemarie risked her life to save Ellen, and probably someday in the future, Ellen will do the same for Annemarie.



Paint Chip Poem

Breathless is the colour of water ballons.

I remember the grin on my best friends and how it felt to be dripping wet.

I can still hear her laugh and the splash of water.

I can still see her jumping back from me.

I miss everything about my best friend.

Breathless is the colour of fun.