Batman vs. The Penguin Debate

The penguin's main idea is he would be a better leader of Gotham than Batman.
His evidence is that in all of the photos, Batman is with criminals, whereas Penguin is with the police.
"My fellow citizens. Let me begin by pointing out some inconsistencies in both the logic and the substance of Mr. Penguin's proceeding remarks." He doesn't flat out say "Mr. Penguin in wrong and I am right." He almost hints it in his opening.

It is unfair to not give each candidate an equal amount of time to debate. It is fair to also give respect to both candidates, no matter what side you are on.

Batman, because he was calm about it but at the same time, he got his point across.

Book Club E-log

Retell: Annemarie’s best friend, Ellen, is a Jew during World War 2. This means the Nazis want to kill Ellen and her family. Annemarie, her mother, her father and her little loudmouth sister, Kirsti, create a dangerous but hopeful plan to lead the Rosens to safety and freedom. Annemarie takes many risks that could end her life for her best friend. In the end of the war, both families are safe and at peace.

Relate: I think that this story shows the best example of a strong, loyal friendship, because Annemarie risked her life to save Ellen, and probably someday in the future, Ellen will do the same for Annemarie.



Selfie Poem

My name is Samara and my nickname is Samsters.

My skin is pale like a light-coloured wood.

My eyes are a blue-green like the beach-water on a clear and clean day.

My hair is a curly mixture of golds and peanuts, usually brushed down.

I am warm and bubbly, but sometimes I get a little worked up and spill my energy everywhere.

People like me because I’m smily and cheerful. My favourite saying is: “This is random, but…”, making me a very unique and random person.