Response to “How Science Works” Video

I now think science works in a different way. I like the way the video related it towards a pinball machine instead of just a simple method. I can relate to it with our PBL nervous system with a body because instead of easily putting it together like I expected, it took more thinking. Several times, my group and I would need to double check a part of our research to see if it matched with a body part and this also applied to many other scenarios. After watching the video, the scientific process became much more clear to me.

Final PBL Prompted Reflection <3 :)

a) What aspect of the PBL Body System unit did you enjoy the most & why?

I enjoyed the building because I like building things.

b) What did you learn about yourself related to how you function in a group and what was your role on the team?

I found I like to take control, but we didn’t have a leader. Everybody in our group was equal.

c) What would you do different next time you have a big project like this assigned to you?

I would like to plan better because when our group started building the system, we encountered several problems we didn’t think about.

d) Take a few pictures of your model getting details documented in the photos Photo on 16-3-15 at 1.12 PM