Water Cycle Picture

This is my water cycle picture below. Sorry that it is hard to see! The first step of the water process is evaporation. The main energy source is the sun up in the top right corner. The sun’s head trail down into all bodies of water and start to heat up the water. After the water gets to a certain temperature, it starts to evaporate. It then changes from the liquid state as water to the gas state of water vapor. The water vapor starts to rise into the higher altitude, it get colder in temperature until it forms ┬áballs otherwise known as clouds. The step of the cycle is called condensation. More and more water vapor comes into the clouds, until the cloud can’t support and hold anymore water vapor. Next happens precipitation. The water vapor will come down, out of the clouds into the warmer temperature. It will come down in four main forms: rain, snow, hail and sleet. If there is a rainstorm, then the rain will fall onto hills or mountains and become known as runoff because it basically runs off the hill or mountain into a body of water. As it runs along, the soil will soak up little bits of it, so it won’t flood the body of water once it comes down. In the top left corner, there is a mountain with arrows coming off it. This represents sublimation, when there is snow or ice that is so cold, it goes from solid form into gas form and kind of floats off the surface. I also drew a little man who is sweating and urinating to show two other sources of evaporation. Thank you for reading!