Romeo and Juliet Movie

Act One Scene One

The first scene starts off with Juliet’s servants strolling in the market. Then they come across some of the Montague’s (Romeo’s servants). Since these two houses share a hatred towards one another, A fight quickly erupts. Many people start joining in including the fathers of Romeo and Juliet. The fight comes to an end as the Prince of Verona comes into the square and stops the fighting. After the fight, Romeo’s mother is a bit worried about where Romeo is. He is later found by his cousin. Romeo is in deep love with a girl.

Act One Scene Two

The second scene starts off with Paris talking to Juliet’s Dad. Juliet it set to marry Paris and Juliet’s dad is telling Paris to convince her to marry you. He was also sharing details about the ball later that evening which was going to be used to get Juliet to marry Romeo.

Act One Scene Three

The third scene starts with Juliet being called in by her mother. Her mother would like to convince Juliet to marry Paris, but has a hard time because her nurse keeps getting in the way of things and talks about how beautiful of a child Juliet was. In the end, Juliet’s mother is able to get the message across about the marriage but Juliet seems almost speechless.

Act One Scene Four

The fourth scene starts with Mercuito, Romeo and some other friends dancing and singing in the streets. Mercuito is trying to persuade Romeo to join them at the ball but Romeo refuses to. Romeo had a dream which told him that something bad was going to happen to him at the ball. Mercuito made fun of the dream and Romeo ended up going.

Act One Scene Five

The fifth scene starts when Romeo and Mercuito arrive at the ball. The room is full with people dancing and talking. Romeo looks around and sees Juliet. It’s love at first site. Romeo has never seen someone with true beauty. He can’t stop staring at her. The same thing happens to Juliet when she sees Romeo. She can’t take her eyes of him. After a while they make their way towards each other. Romeo then says “Let lips do what hands do”. Romeo and Juliet kiss. The party soon ends and Juliet wants to find out Romeo’s name. Juliet soon discovers he is a Montague and Romeo finds out Juliet is a capulet.

Act Two Scene One

The first scene starts when Romeo ditches his friends on the way home from the ball. Romeo runs away and jumps over the fence guarding the House of the Capulets. Romeo’s friends are looking for him but can’t find him.

Act Two Scene Two

The fourth scene starts when Romeo sees Juliet on her balcony. Romeo hides in the bush and can hear Juliet talking about him. Romeo talks back to Juliet which frightens her a bit. Juliet gets worried that Romeo will be captured and killed but she gets over that worry. Both of them share their love for each other and start kissing. A little later, Romeo has to go home and Juliet has to go inside. They decide to get married in secret the next day. They set a time for Romeo to meet the messenger the next morning.

Act Two Scene Three

The fourth scene starts the day after Romeo met Juliet. Romeo met with Friar Laurence and told him about this marriage. Friar Laurence is a bit disturbed about the fact that a Capulet is getting married with a Montague. In the end, Friar Laurence agrees to allow Romeo and Juliet to get married.

Act Two Scene Four

The fourth scene starts with Mercuito and Tybalt talking about Romeo’s absence. They start making fun of each other. Romeo later arrives. Mercuito makes fun of Romeo and how he is in love with this girl. The nurse comes along to join Romeo at the church. Mercuito makes fun of her and calls her a sailboat because of her long dress. They get into a fight and Mercuito and his friends run away. The nurse and Romeo make their way into the Church and prayed.

Act Two Scene Five

The fifth scene starts after Romeo met with Juliet’s nurse. The nurse returns to Juliet. At the beginning, the nurse talks about how she is so old. Juliet starts getting mad that she is avoiding the information from the Romeo. The nurse then tells Juliet to meet her future husband at Friar Laurence’s cell.

Act Two Scene Six

The sixth scene start of with Friar Laurence telling Romeo to love moderately. Romeo doesn’t listen. Juliet soon arrives and they start kissing. Romeo and Juliet get married.

Act Three Scene One

The first scene starts with Mercuito talking to another Montague. Tybalt and the Capulets come along. Mercuito and Tybalt start cursing at each other and then they start fighting. Romeo tries to get in the way and stop it but it makes matters worse as Tybalt accidentally kills Mercuito. Tybalt runs away because he is frightened. Romeo gets angry and chases Tybalt. Tybalt and Romeo start fighting and Romeo kills him

Act Three Scene Two

The second scene starts with Juliet and the nurse grieving about Tybalt’s death. After that, the Capulets and Montague’s meet in front of the princes house. Most people blame Romeo for the deaths and he is exiled. Romeo is at Friar Laurence’s cell crying on the floor about his punishment and stupid actions.

Act Three Scene Three

The third scene starts with Romeo and saying goodbye to Juliet. Then, Romeo leaves Verona.  Juliet’s mother sees Juliet crying and thinks she is crying of Tybalt. Her mother tries to cheer her up by telling her about Juliet getting married to Paris in a few days. Juliet gets furious and screams. Juliet’s mother comes in with her husband. Juliet’s dad gets angry and they have a fight. Juliet’s nurse gives her some advice but Juliet doesn’t take it.

Act Four Scene One

The first scene starts with Juliet going to Friar Laurence’s cell but Paris is there. Juliet runs into the cell and cries. She doesn’t want to marry Paris. Since Friar Laurence pity’s her, he makes a drug so that Juliet will sleep for 48 hours. The wedding will be canceled and Romeo will come to Juliet. Juliet then goes home.

Act Four Scene Two

The second scene is when Juliet returns home and apologises to her father for being angry and not wanting to marry Paris. Juliet returns to her bedroom where she drinks the drug.

Act Four Scene Three

The third scene starts with the nurse screaming that Juliet is dead. At the same time, Friar Laurence sends a letter to Romeo using a monk on a donkey. There is a funeral where Romeo’s friend Balthasar sees Juliet dead. Balthasar runs to his horse and goes to Romeo.

Act Five Scene One

The first scene starts with Balthasar telling Romeo Balthasar that Juliet is dead. Romeo is very sad and takes his horse back to Verona. On the way he buys some poison.

Act Five Scene Two

The second scene starts with Romeo arriving in Verona and breaking into Juliet’s resting spot. He finds Juliet and talks about how much he loved her. Then, Romeo drinks the poison and he dies. After, Friar Laurence comes along and sees Romeo dead. Soon, Juliet wakes up. Friar Laurence makes sure no to let her see Romeo but she does. People are coming so Friar Laurence runs away. Juliet stays and killed herself using Romeo’s dagger. The next morning there is a funeral.


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