Paint Chip Poem

Brown Bread is the colour of

the soft cookie dough on the wooden kitchen table.

I remember coming home and making cookies with my family.

It felt great scrunching the dough and getting my hands sticky.

I can still hear laughter as my family enjoyed each others company.

I can still see my brother and sister dumping sprinkles all over the cookies.

I can still smell the dough I would lick off my fingers.

I missed the great and relaxing time my family had.

Brown Bread is the colour of the soft cookie on the wooden kitchen table.



I’m Broegger

I’m 12 and I live in Hong Kong

My skin colour exotically tan like a the soft leather in a car

My Eyes are hazel brown just like the acorns falling of the trees

My hair colour is brown just like the milk chocolate in Willy Wonka’s factory

I have smooth skin just like the outside of my dad’s car

I am like a falcon, zooming through the air


The Water Cycle

This is a picture I drew of the water cycle.

The water cycle is also known as the hydrological system. The water cycle is important because it gives water to living organisms which need water to live. First, the water cycle starts by evaporating the water. This is called evaporation. The sun gives of energy and heat so that the water from a lake, ocean and any other body of water can be evaporated. Without the sun, there would be no evaporation leading to no water cycle. The water is evaporated and turns into water vapour since the air is so warm. As the water vapour gets higher in altitude it reaches the next main part of the water cycle, condensation. The air high up in the sky is cold changing the water vapour back into a liquid. The molecules in the water vapour start to clog up and stick with other molecules to create clouds. After this come precipitation. The clouds in the sky are full of water vapour molecules. Once the cloud gets heavy enough, and gravity starts working, it will start raining. Rain can come in snow, hail and sleet. The rain falls down to earth and waters the plants and help organisms grow. After that, the water will be evaporated and the water cycle will start all over again.


My First Post

I might us this blog for writing e-logs and learning logs. I might write posts for school needs whenever my teacher wants me to. This blog will be used just like my MyDragonnet blog. I could add pictures and videos about lab experiments. I can also write about what I have learned in class. This blog will be very useful.