My Brother Sam Is Dead E-Log

My Brother Sam Is Dead

Pages Read: Whole Book

This E-Log will be written about the last part of the book.


Retell: Sam and the Rebel troops had come to Redding to start an encampment and stay there for the winter. One evening, Sam ran over to the house where Tim and his Mum were. They started a conversation and missed each other a lot. Suddenly, they heard an noise and cows mooing. Sam and Tim ran out the back door to find that some cattle had been stolen. Cattle was very scare during the American Revolution so people had to steal. Sam ran out and chased after the cattle thief’s. Sadly, there was more cattle thief then Sam and caught him. They brought him back to the encampment and blamed Sam on stealing cattle. Sam was then put into a jail. He went through trials, and one day, they decided to execute him. Tim and his mother were really sad. Tim was with his mother one evening, when he decided to go out and save Sam. He took his dad’s gun and ran out into the snow. Once he reached the encampment, he sprinting to the wall and threw the gun over into the jail area. Then, guards started shooting him and Tim scrabbled home. He knew it was a waste because Sam was moved some place else. Soon, the day of the execution came. Tim’s mother didn’t go so Tim decided to go himself. It was very crowded. First, the minister said a prayer and then hung a soldier. After that, Sam was brought out. He had a sack on his head and was placed in the middle. Three men with muskets aim at him, shot and then killed him.

Relate: I can’t relate to this book, but I remember reading a book similar to this. I forgot the tittle, but I know that it was about a boy and his family. They were very poor and had almost no food. One day, the ¬†boy ran out and stole a cow. He was running home, when some people caught him. He was then killed. This was a similar ending to the story My Brother Sam Is Dead.

Reflect: I was wondering why stealing was so strict to General Putnam? Even though just taking some cattle, doesn’t mean you have to execute people. Now a days, people go to court and jail, but back then, people had to be executed. I feel very bad for the people who were executed but didn’t do anything. Why does the world have to be so bad?