Robotics lesson 4 or something

Today we learned about the design thinking process and the engineering process as well as efficient time planning. We are planning on making an IF machine that will do your IFs for you. This machine will really help lazy fat idiots have more time to waste.

Pecha Kucha presentation reflection

I felt I did very well in my Pecha Kucha presentation. My timing was alright, I had enough pauses and I got my message across properly. If I could improve on one thing, it would definitely have been the pictures I used for my slides. They could have been sized better and I didn’t even have a picture for the last slide. I’m happy I didn’t read off a script.


For Hebocon, I had built the ultimate robot of doom! It was a rubiks cube on top of a lego platform with wheels. It was perfect. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring that robot to the contest so I had to improvise. The robot I had ultimately settled on was the Select Flat Thread Dental Flossers Charcoal Suitable for Tightly Spaced Teeth of doom and a stick. It was a box of dental floss which I hit with a stick. My robot’s secret weapon was dental hygiene, this allowed me to smack the robot 2 times because you should brush your teeth twice a day. Both objects qualified as robots because they received a manual shove. In hindsight I probably should have been more organised and brought my original robot as I probably would have made further in the contest.

The specifications of my robot are just dental floss in a box and a stick. The robot I had planned on bringing had wheels so the force could be transferred a bit easier.

I did not use the thinking and design cycle as I kind of just grabbed the first thing from my bag and used it as a robot. But for the robot I had planned on bringing, I went through the design process a bit. First, I was just going to bring the lego platform, thinking things would just run over it. After some thought, I realised that it needed weight and a way for it to lunge at the opponent, thus the wheels and rubiks cube. The rubiks cube was chosen because it was the only weight that was uniform throughout its design.

Another robot that I saw that was very cool was a fan operated robot with yogurt raisins used as a balance so that it didn’t tip or go too fast and go off course. The main difference between my robot and the fan powered one is (obviously) organisation and mode of movement. My robot was just whacked by a stick, however the fan powered robot moved on its on volition. If I could learn something from that robot is I should make sure to balance my robot well so that it does not have any unfortunate path changes mid movement.

First lesson of robotics class

In the first lesson of robotics class, we defined what a robot is and introduced 4 key concepts: strong AI, weak AI, the Chinese box paradox and the Turing test.

Strong AI is the ability an AI has to appear humanlike and to learn from its mistakes, in short, it can go from not knowing anything to creating its own programs for certain things.

Weak AI is an AI that can perform a function but can’t learn from its mistakes, an example would be siri or an automated factory or a computer.

The Chinese box paradox is a paradox in which a person is made to translate something into Chinese but doesn’t know Chinese, he is allowed a dictionary. If he gives the translated text to someone else, the person will think he knows Chinese, but he doesn’t. This highlights that pre programed information means nothing, just because something is pre programed with a response doesn’t mean that it generated that response independently.

The Turing test is a way to test AI to see it’s limitations. The questions are designed to be easily answerable by a human. No machine has technically passed the Turing test.

Writing piece, don’t look at me like that……






Last Blog post ever

When I grow up to be a man.

Beach Boys.

Will I still dig the same things that I digged as a kid? Will I still be like I am when I am in highschool. Was I still like I was in 6th grade? All these questions but no answers.

Route 66.

Bobby Trope.

The journey has been hard. But the scenery was nice. This song is about stopping and appreciating the journey.

Lazy song.

Bruno Mars. Man today I don’t feel like doing anything. I am a lazy guy, what can I say?

Under pressure.

David Bowie.

This year has been tough with all this pressure for high school and things at home have been a bit dicey.

Don’t bring me down.


This song is about people you know not bringing you down. People are sometimes jerks.

Don’t stop me now.


When I’m working, don’t stop me. When I stop, I usually stay there.

I want to break free.


I want to break free of Middle school. This song is about how I want to get out of middle school and get into high school.

Titanium. Sia.

I am titanium. If you shoot  me down, I won’t fall. No matter what, you won’t bring me down.

We are the champions.

Queen. We made it. We are the champions of the world

April Blog post #1

My take on 1984:

George Orwell’s 1984 was written as a prediction of things to come. In the society of 1984, you find yourself under constant surveillance. The state is always watching for things that could force them out of power. Some people say that 1984 is where the world is heading right now, I think not. Let’s start with the basics. To have a government that is always watching the people, you need people to always watch the people. What does this require? Lots of money and manpower. The world’s economy is going downhill. You can see it in the falling interest rates of the banks. You can see it in China. China used to be a place where you could come in and make some fast cash, this is not true anymore. The Chinese currency, Yuan, is declining. If we were to have a government that watched our every movement, we would not be able to sustain it. We don’t have the money. Second, to have this happen, there needs to be a very desperate situation. The situation needs to be so desperate that people will want to have this society. They will want to rebel so that they could live in a world where everything is watched by the government.

I will admit that some aspects of 1984 are prominent in this world. The Chinese government censors certain websites such as Youtube and Google. The government is afraid that these sites will somehow make their position weaker. Also, for the first time in history, mankind can be truly brought down by it’s own designs. I am talking about atomic bombs. One atomic bomb can change the current situation into a very dire one. It could change the situation where man will give up their freedom just to survive. In 1984, the people that live in Oceania are just mindless machines. The people are not allowed to love, to show individuality, they are stripped of all the things that make them who they are. To put it bluntly, they are taken away pleasure. They are happy with what they have and leave everything for the government to deal with. This can be seen in America, people are not participating in voting because they are happy with what they have. In other words, they don’t care anymore. This is a serious problem because if people don’t care enough to make change, change will never come. 1984 is a book which depicts a future where freedom is dead and pleasure is gone. This world can be seen in certain countries but logistically, man does not have the resource to watch everyone at anytime. 

Animal Farm IBN #2

In this version of the story, Boxer does not die and he starts his own revolution called Boxer’s Rebellion. Boxer’s Rebellion, Chapter 11: The creatures looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but it was already impossible to tell which was which. Boxer, with his eyes all teary and blurry, said: “Comrades, I never thought it would come to this but” He broke off to wipe a tear from his eye, “It seems that it would be time to start a rebellion of our own.” The animals fell into a sullen silence after that. No animal had ever even dared to think about the idea of a rebellion. But how, how will they beat Napoleon’s dreaded dogs? The dogs that had created so much fear among the animals. Boxer raised his frail hoof: “I know that Napoleon has his dogs, but I have seen these dogs, they have grown fat and old, they will pose a minor threat.” The animals looked uneasy. Boxer then said: “Comrades, there was a time when I would say Napoleon is always right, but I was sorely mistaken. He is not right, Napoleon is wrong!” This was met by a cheer from all the animals. By now, the pigs had noticed that the animals were gathered outside the house. Napoleon was about to give orders to the dogs but he found that they had all drunk themselves to sleep. Napoleon called the pigs to line up with their whips in formation. With one accord, they marched out and begun to whip the animals. “Charge, fight for what should have been won years ago!” Boxer cried. The animals charged. At first, it seemed like the pigs would have won, but they had grown fat and accustomed to power. As soon as the animals got close enough to strike, the pigs turn and fled. The problem was, they were too fat to even manage a very fast shuffle. The men in the room had seen this scene unfold and had sneakily snuck out the back door, not before grabbing some of the money on the table. The pigs were caught and killed in a gruesome manner. The goose, driven by rage and hatred, broke the necks of the pigs with their pure strength. After the battle, Napoleon was hung on the barn. The seven commandments were changed back to their original text (they did not kill ALL the pigs, that would be genocide) The animals raided the stocks and took all the food. They remembered this day as Boxer’s rebellion. A picture was painted on the barn. It was Boxer, fighting off 10 dogs at once and underneath it was written: “Remember Boxer’s Rebellion!” This would be marked as a special holiday on animal farm. The animals were happy, for now.

Snowball character analysis

Snowball is one of the pigs in Animal Farm. He was one of the key characters in the development of Animal Farm. Snowball is one of my favorite characters, he seems to be the only pig who would have made things better for the animals. Snowball only got a short time in Animal Farm though because he was banished by Napoleon, the power hungry tyrant ruler. “Then he [Snowball] put on an extra spurt and, with a few inches to spare, slipped through a hole and was never seen again” (Page 68 Paragraph 1) This is why I want to do a character analysis on Snowball. In the beginning of the book, we see that Snowball is one of the pigs who took charge of the revolution. “After a moment, however, Snowball and Napoleon butted the door open with their shoulders and led the way” (Page 41 Paragraph 2) Snowball and Napoleon took charge of the situation quite quickly. This leads me to believe Snowball had some dream of power, so did Napoleon. This lead to a rivalry between them. “These two [Snowball and Napoleon] disagreed at every point where disagreement was possible.” (Page 62-63 Paragraph 5-1) Snowball knows the value of power, he knows what to do with power once he has it. Snowball decided to do productive things with his power. He wanted to build a windmill to provide for the animals. “Snowball declared that this was just the place for a windmill” (Page 64 Paragraph 1) Snowball seems like the best choice for the animals. He follows the rules set down by old major, he knows politics better than Napoleon. Napoleon practically muscled his way into power. “The three dogs who had happened to be with him growled so threateningly, that they accepted his explanation without further question” (Page 72 Paragraph 1) Snowball knows what the animals want. He can convince anyone that his plans are good plans, he is a good leader and knows the value of power. The best leader values power and knows what he can do with it.