Last Blog post ever

When I grow up to be a man.

Beach Boys.

Will I still dig the same things that I digged as a kid? Will I still be like I am when I am in highschool. Was I still like I was in 6th grade? All these questions but no answers.

Route 66.

Bobby Trope.

The journey has been hard. But the scenery was nice. This song is about stopping and appreciating the journey.

Lazy song.

Bruno Mars. Man today I don’t feel like doing anything. I am a lazy guy, what can I say?

Under pressure.

David Bowie.

This year has been tough with all this pressure for high school and things at home have been a bit dicey.

Don’t bring me down.


This song is about people you know not bringing you down. People are sometimes jerks.

Don’t stop me now.


When I’m working, don’t stop me. When I stop, I usually stay there.

I want to break free.


I want to break free of Middle school. This song is about how I want to get out of middle school and get into high school.

Titanium. Sia.

I am titanium. If you shoot  me down, I won’t fall. No matter what, you won’t bring me down.

We are the champions.

Queen. We made it. We are the champions of the world

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