First lesson of robotics class

In the first lesson of robotics class, we defined what a robot is and introduced 4 key concepts: strong AI, weak AI, the Chinese box paradox and the Turing test.

Strong AI is the ability an AI has to appear humanlike and to learn from its mistakes, in short, it can go from not knowing anything to creating its own programs for certain things.

Weak AI is an AI that can perform a function but can’t learn from its mistakes, an example would be siri or an automated factory or a computer.

The Chinese box paradox is a paradox in which a person is made to translate something into Chinese but doesn’t know Chinese, he is allowed a dictionary. If he gives the translated text to someone else, the person will think he knows Chinese, but he doesn’t. This highlights that pre programed information means nothing, just because something is pre programed with a response doesn’t mean that it generated that response independently.

The Turing test is a way to test AI to see it’s limitations. The questions are designed to be easily answerable by a human. No machine has technically passed the Turing test.

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