For Hebocon, I had built the ultimate robot of doom! It was a rubiks cube on top of a lego platform with wheels. It was perfect. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring that robot to the contest so I had to improvise. The robot I had ultimately settled on was the Select Flat Thread Dental Flossers Charcoal Suitable for Tightly Spaced Teeth of doom and a stick. It was a box of dental floss which I hit with a stick. My robot’s secret weapon was dental hygiene, this allowed me to smack the robot 2 times because you should brush your teeth twice a day. Both objects qualified as robots because they received a manual shove. In hindsight I probably should have been more organised and brought my original robot as I probably would have made further in the contest.

The specifications of my robot are just dental floss in a box and a stick. The robot I had planned on bringing had wheels so the force could be transferred a bit easier.

I did not use the thinking and design cycle as I kind of just grabbed the first thing from my bag and used it as a robot. But for the robot I had planned on bringing, I went through the design process a bit. First, I was just going to bring the lego platform, thinking things would just run over it. After some thought, I realised that it needed weight and a way for it to lunge at the opponent, thus the wheels and rubiks cube. The rubiks cube was chosen because it was the only weight that was uniform throughout its design.

Another robot that I saw that was very cool was a fan operated robot with yogurt raisins used as a balance so that it didn’t tip or go too fast and go off course. The main difference between my robot and the fan powered one is (obviously) organisation and mode of movement. My robot was just whacked by a stick, however the fan powered robot moved on its on volition. If I could learn something from that robot is I should make sure to balance my robot well so that it does not have any unfortunate path changes mid movement.

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