Champions! project thoughts

Ugh, what a challenging uint, there were moments when I had fun but there were times when I was really challenged. I would say the funnest thing about the champions project was to prepare for the press conference. I was having fun, trying to be Steve Jobs. The most challenging part of this experience would be the research in the beginning of the unit. I spent hours trying to find sites about Steve Jobs.
Something that helped me learn was the fact that I was doing really well in this project, all the other projects for me were bad. This was the only one that I did not do really terrible in.
If I were to change something, it would be the pacing. Sometimes I felt that I was being rushed by the fact that I had so much due.
I would do it again, It was fun but Steve Jobs was a bit easy. If I were to do something related to Apple. I would change to Steve Wozniak or some of the other un-sung heroes of Apple.
Mrs. Bevear should definitely do a talk show kind of thing(student’s be the guest stars and the teachers be the host) but don’t do the Nomination letter again. That was pretty boring because I had a good letter whipped up in a matter of 2 hours.
This unit made me understand compassion, resilience, creativity and collaboration more because we were judging wether or not this person is compassionate or not. I had to really try and understand what these words really meant.

Blog reflection #:2

Hello all,

I have learned that I don’t like making maps. I have also learned all about making maps. I have learned several geoterms. I have also learned how to make a digital tour.

I am shooting for the Neil Armstrong badge, I will achieve it by reviewing all the materials and extra stuff to earn this badge. If you want to know the criteria to get the badge, click here. The Neil armstrong will be displayed in the picture below:


My goal was to take notes and more often. I think I have met that goal, my note taking has gone up by a lot.

My parent teacher conferences went horribly. I mean horribly. I screwed up in so many different levels, it’s not even funny. My goal was to start practicing the material more and I will, with my grades and work habits, I wont be getting a phone anytime soon.


Occupy HK, the facts, the opinions and the confusion

Australian firm sends 50 million hong kong dollars and the chief executive does not disclose the deal. This was a chance for the protesters to lash out and say that the chief executive is not tending to the needs of the people, instead he is attending to the needs of a company. They say this is a serious flaw in priorities. Many Chinese people are saying that these students should stop wasting their parents money and get on with school. They also say that they are messing with things beyond their control.

My opinion would be to keep going. China should give hong kong democracy, it’s something I believe in. I shudder to think what China would do to these beautiful landscapes, good pollution control and freedom. The main reason I don’t want China to take over is freedom, people have the right to use things like google or youtube. Tons of people make fun of America, well do they care? No!

I don’t understand why China doesn’t give. I mean, we will all be so happy if hong kong had political freedom. China would not be effected, hong kong will keep doing what their doing and we’ll all be dancing. I’ll ask my mom because she understands this more than me but I don’t get it. Here are the links and some pictures:


Unit 1 Reflection

Throughout this unit, I have reconsidered my answer to the question: Will people be using paper maps in 10 years. My answer used to be : NO but now I have reconsidered the pros and cons of paper and digital maps. I changed my answer to: we will be using both forms of maps in the future. I said the most boring thing about this class was taking notes. My opinion has not changed a bit. Note taking is the most boring, excruciatingly painful thing I’ve ever done. It sends shivers down my spine, but somehow, I got a better grade for doing it. (weird!)

I got the bronze Ferdinand Magellan badge. There is a lot of room to improve for me. Here is a picture of the badge

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.45.15 PM


I agree, I did absolutely horrible at mapping and my summative had 2 AE in it. To show you why I got it, here is a link to the website.

What did not work for me was doing the end-of-chapter challenges and what did work was the note taking. (again, weird!) The end of chapter challenges were easy. They only tested fact memorising on the general level. The note taking was more specific, it was more specific mindless fact memorising.

From all of this, a learning goal from me would be to use the note taking strategy a lot more than usual. Probably every 2 sections should have a page and a half.