Champions! project thoughts

Ugh, what a challenging uint, there were moments when I had fun but there were times when I was really challenged. I would say the funnest thing about the champions project was to prepare for the press conference. I was having fun, trying to be Steve Jobs. The most challenging part of this experience would be the research in the beginning of the unit. I spent hours trying to find sites about Steve Jobs.
Something that helped me learn was the fact that I was doing really well in this project, all the other projects for me were bad. This was the only one that I did not do really terrible in.
If I were to change something, it would be the pacing. Sometimes I felt that I was being rushed by the fact that I had so much due.
I would do it again, It was fun but Steve Jobs was a bit easy. If I were to do something related to Apple. I would change to Steve Wozniak or some of the other un-sung heroes of Apple.
Mrs. Bevear should definitely do a talk show kind of thing(student’s be the guest stars and the teachers be the host) but don’t do the Nomination letter again. That was pretty boring because I had a good letter whipped up in a matter of 2 hours.
This unit made me understand compassion, resilience, creativity and collaboration more because we were judging wether or not this person is compassionate or not. I had to really try and understand what these words really meant.