Blog post 2 January: Lone wolf

CHERUB: Lone Wolf By: Robert Muchamore IBP post:


Operation: Lone Wolf

Briefing writer: Robert Muchamore


Drugs are everywhere. They are the money making factories in the crime underworld. Drugs do exist but there are people who make money by stealing other people’s drugs. When a drug lord gets some of his drugs stolen it is called a “Rip-off” This is very dangerous work as the drug lord may have lots of contacts and might try to kill you. It is also safe because I don’t think that any drug lord would call the police to report stolen drugs. Your mission is to get in with one drug rip-off artist called Fey. You are┬áto investigate her and the people she rips off. When you gather enough information from her, you report back and we make arrests. Remember, you are allowed to do criminal things as your criminal file will be wiped as soon as you are finished with your mission. Although you are allowed to make trouble, you should not put your life at risk. If we need too, we will pull you from the mission. You are to meet Fey in a correction center. You are to blend in with Fey and become her friend. After you are released, you are to stay with her and investigate. Another agent named Ryan will be on an accompany mission with you. He will blend in with one of the drug lord’s kids and investigate there. As Fey had ripped this drug lord off once, she will have information regarding his workings. You two are to work together to bring this organisation down. This mission has been classified as high risk. You are permitted to opt out on this mission any time. Accept at your own risk.

**Mission briefing extract**

***Any attempt to remove this document/steal this document will be classified as a crime punishable by a life sentence in prison***

CHERUB: Lone Wolf. Reading response January.

Fey’s first drug rip-off.

I am really nervous. My aunt said that it would be fine and that if I sticked to the plan, everything would be fine. I shifted my weight, my job was to distract the man in the house by vandalising it a little. My hand was clutched on my rock. I threw it at the window where this fat man was watching T.V. The rock bounced off the window. I knew this would happen as this was a drug safehouse. The fat man turned to look at the window. When he decided that the klunk must have been in his imagination, he decided to go and get some chips. I got my carton of eggs out. I creeped to the window and slipped my knife into the lock. In a few tense moments, I had managed to pick the lock. I opened the window and threw all the eggs into his room, then I got some spray paint out. I spent the next 2 minutes decorating the room with graffiti. I waited until the fat man got back, he saw all this then saw me. I started to run away. I knew that he had no chance of catching me. I led him down an alleyway where my aunt was hiding. My aunt jumped out and hit him in the head with a brick. He was knocked out. I fidgeted with my knife as we waited for him to come arround. When he finally did, my aunt grabbed him and forced a pistol to his head. “Follow me, resist and I shoot,” my aunt hissed into the fat man’s ear. Instead of negotiating that without him we would fail like a smart person would, he just went with us. My aunt and I made our way to the safe. The fat man was sweating, this felt exhilarating. I felt like a million pounds right now! We got to the safe, my aunt pushed the fat man down. She said 2 words: “open it.”

The fat man gulped and shakily said: “You–I have friends in high places. I–They will kill you! Cut you to pieces!”





“Open it.”

He opened it. Inside was a giant pile of 90% pure cocaine, I tested it. The worth was about 450,000 thousand pounds. I don’t know about my aunt, but I loved this.

Sure, I might get caught but the thrill is just too hard to resist.