April Blog post #1

My take on 1984:

George Orwell’s 1984 was written as a prediction of things to come. In the society of 1984, you find yourself under constant surveillance. The state is always watching for things that could force them out of power. Some people say that 1984 is where the world is heading right now, I think not. Let’s start with the basics. To have a government that is always watching the people, you need people to always watch the people. What does this require? Lots of money and manpower. The world’s economy is going downhill. You can see it in the falling interest rates of the banks. You can see it in China. China used to be a place where you could come in and make some fast cash, this is not true anymore. The Chinese currency, Yuan, is declining. If we were to have a government that watched our every movement, we would not be able to sustain it. We don’t have the money. Second, to have this happen, there needs to be a very desperate situation. The situation needs to be so desperate that people will want to have this society. They will want to rebel so that they could live in a world where everything is watched by the government.

I will admit that some aspects of 1984 are prominent in this world. The Chinese government censors certain websites such as Youtube and Google. The government is afraid that these sites will somehow make their position weaker. Also, for the first time in history, mankind can be truly brought down by it’s own designs. I am talking about atomic bombs. One atomic bomb can change the current situation into a very dire one. It could change the situation where man will give up their freedom just to survive. In 1984, the people that live in Oceania are just mindless machines. The people are not allowed to love, to show individuality, they are stripped of all the things that make them who they are. To put it bluntly, they are taken away pleasure. They are happy with what they have and leave everything for the government to deal with. This can be seen in America, people are not participating in voting because they are happy with what they have. In other words, they don’t care anymore. This is a serious problem because if people don’t care enough to make change, change will never come. 1984 is a book which depicts a future where freedom is dead and pleasure is gone. This world can be seen in certain countries but logistically, man does not have the resource to watch everyone at anytime.