Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespare

Act one scene one: the stupid capulets decided to pick a fight with the montages. Blood and stuff came and lots of people were hurt, the prince broke it up and said that if it happened again, they would be killed, all of them. Romeo was not there but when he came back. His cousin found that he was in love and his cousin was about to tell him what happened but Romeo did not want to hear it.

Act 2 Scene three: Romeo finishes snogging Juliet and goes to friar Laurence so they can get married. Friar Laurence was picking flowers. Friar Laurence does not want to at first but then finally agrees. Romeo is overjoyed.

Act 2 Scene four: Crucio starts to tease romeo about him falling in love. When the nurse arrives, he teases the nurse. The nurse gets really angry and starts to call them names. She seeks presence with romeo and romeo tells her that he is getting married. The nurse gives the approval.

Act 2 Scene five: Juliet is waiting for the nurse’s arrival. The nurse gets back really sad. The nurse starts to stall to make Juliet really angry. The nurse finally says that she was to be married in Friar Laurence’s cell. She is overjoyed.

Act 2 Scene six: Romeo is waiting for Juliet. Before Juliet comes; the Friar says that you should only love moderately don’t go all out. When Juliet arrives, they start to snog but the Friar stops them. They start to get married.

Act 3 Scene one: Lots of fighting, Crucio picks a fight with tybalt while tybalt was trying to find romeo. Crucio dies, tybalt runs away and romeo tracks down and kills tybalt in a duel to the death. Romeo gets sad over it.

Act 3 Scene two: The two houses go and tell the prince what happened, lady capulet wants romeo dead but the prince just exiles him. Romeo throws a tantrum and tries to kill himself. Romeo and Juliet spend one last night together….. wooh, we know what happened there… heh heh, ugh.

Act 3 Scene three: Juliet weeps for Romeo but lady capulet thinks that this is for tybalt and how he was not avenged. Lady capulet says that paris is gonna marry her on thursday. Juliet flatly refuses then capulet comes home and gives her a good beating. He says that if she dosent marry Paris he is gonna disown her. Juliet asks for nurse’s advice. The nurse says that she should marry paris. Juliet pretends to agree but goes to the friar for help.

Act 4 Scene one: The Friar and paris are making preparations for the wedding. Juliet comes, paris teases her to see if there is any reaction. Juliet would rather die than marry him. Friar makes a plan. Juliet will be put to sleep but it will look like she is dead. The friar will send a message to romeo that says what is really going on and that Juliet is asleep. When Juliet awakens. They will go off happy ever after RIGHT?!?!??!?!?!? OF COUSE NOT! SHAKESPEARE KILLS THEM ALL! THANK YOU FOR THAT DEPRESSING STORY.

Act 4 Scene two: Juliet tells her dad that she want’s to marry paris. He is so happy that he moves the wedding to Wednesday. Juliet drinks the poison. Ugh, shakespeare, why?

Act 4 Scene three: The nurse finds out that Juliet is dead. The friar send the message but is very slow. Bathasaur finds out the Juliet is “dead” and speeds past the mailman that was supost to deliver the letter.

Act 5 Scene one: Buthasaur gets to romeo and tells him that Juliet is dead. YAY! Romeo rushes back and gets poison. They pass the stupid mailman and speed to Juliet’s grave. Romeo wants to die.

Act 5 Scene two: Romeo gets there and he sees Juliet dead. He drinks the poison and dies next to Juliet. The Friar gets there and comes to get Juliet out but the prince’s men come. Juliet suicides. In the end, the prince says: “hey, your stupid hates made them die. This is all your fault”