The Water Cycle

The water cycle never started with one part. Its an endless cycleFirst, I would like to talk about the 3 basic processes of the water cycle.


The first one I’m going to talk about is evaporation. Evaporation happens when the sun beams hit the water (As shown on the map) and water vapour comes out.

The second one is condensation. Condensation is the process of the water vapour cooling down and becoming little droplets of water.

The third step precipitation, the clouds that have been building condensation, begin to rain. There are many forms of precipitation, examples are hail, snow and acid rain. The rain falls down the mountain (if there is one) and goes back to the water source (if there is one). This is called run-off. Urination is also a form of water you can get. Humans pee then the water part gets evaporated.

When the run-off runs, some water evaporates because the sun rays hit the water and heats it up, some goes into the ground: that is called Infiltration and the rest goes to the water source. The cycle starts again. Here are some other terms: Transpiration is water vapour coming off the trees and plants. Perspiration is sweat evaporating from your body. Sublimation is vapour coming off of dry ice.


See the picture below for clarification (I notice a lot of ation-s)