Last week, in Math/ Science class, out class studied mostly about density for science.  Actually, we did a LOT of density.  My class learnt tons about displacement and finding the density of different objects, and what density is itself.  In math class, we learnt a lot about multiplying fractions, and finding parts of parts, while using diagrams to show out understandings.  Furthermore, we also had to use words to write down how multiplying fractions relates to using a diagram.  In Language Arts class, we did a variety of things.  For example: We worked on our notebooks and studied the different types of characters in a story and the story plot of different stories.  In LA class we also learnt a bit about fused sentences and comma splices.  For Social Studies class, we moved on from ancient Egypt and we started to study ancient parts of Asia.  How we studied ancient Asia is that we had two pieces of paper with a different informative article printed on both papers,  that we read in order to complete a venn diagram.  One of my goals for this week is to further understand density and the properties of matter, because I feel that I might need a bit more studying on that.

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