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  1. Emily M says:

    3D Map Project Reflection

    Please answer in complete sentences.

    How effectively do you think you followed the directions of this project?
    I believe we followed the directions very well and clearly showed the geography features very well on our map. I think this is because we did good planning and we followed the our draft map.

    How effectively did you develop a plan for building the map?
    I think we planned really effectively because we knew exactly where to put things and what we were going to use, and we knew where to put things and how to use it.

    How effectively did you use your in-class time?

    I think we did well because since we did a lot at home, we just added a few components and we were done. However, I think we did a bit better during class, because at home we kept on going off task.

    What are you most proud of about your map?
    The mountains because they were the most creative ones and were really lifelike, and I think the mountains were the most ineresting and we used a variety of different sweets.

    Were the strategies, skills and procedures you used effective for this assignment?

    I think we did pretty good at cooperating with everybody and we were really specific with what we were going to use, and we did really good on planning, too. However I think we still might need to be more detailed in what we are doing.
    Have you learned from any disappointments or successes from your project?
    Yes, I learnt that sometimes, you have to keep on going, because sometimes if things don’t go right you just have to move on.

    Has there been a problem or situation related to your project that you feel needs to be discussed further?

    We did good, but as Arden said, we did get off task at times! I think we might need to stay on task and not get distracted.

    When you make the stop-motion movie part of the project, what do you think will make it a MEETING EXPECTATIONS movie that other students could learn from?

    I think that it would be ME if the vocabulary is good and is easy to understand, and the pictures need to be clear and have to depict what you are trying to communicate. Also, you need to use accurate information and speak clearly.

    • Emily M says:

      I think that probably deserve and AE minus because I feel that i could do better and add the silk road.

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