Academic Excellence

I feel that throughout my learning progress, i haven’t exactly reached my goals yet, because to me, academic excellence is when I have truly exceeded myself basically and exceeded my goals.  Many people have different ways of knowing that they have achieved academic excellence, some people think getting a AE is academic excellence, others think an EE is academic excellence.  In my mind, academic excellence is like when you are playing a video game and you achieve another personal high score.   To be specific, maybe others might think I am going bonkers when I say this but, I really want to be able to get EEs on every subject, including my extra- curricular activities, including learning my piano, clarinet, swimming and Chinese   I feel that I have to try harder because I know that if others can do it, like how my father got good scores on his test as a child, and there are people like Albert Einstein that exist in this world, why can’t I give a shot at it too?    As a person, I don’t think I have high standards, I just think that I should try hard and do my best on everything, its just a goal that I can exceed things, not exactly what I think I can do, because I am not that smart, but I think I should try.  In my opinion academic excellence is when you go beyond YOUR personal best, and try YOUR best on what you want to do, it isn’t really about others it is just about YOU.  🙂 <– to keep positive.

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