CYOA Reflection and Comments

I feel that as a reflection for me and Kris’s CYOA, we did pretty well, so in my opinion we probably did ME standard work.

As a pair, I think Kris and I cooperated really well and we got things done on time. I think what we need to work on harder next time is with the planning of our CYOA, and to be able to fully complete the CRAAP test.  For our choose your own adventure, I hope people can tell we really did spend a lot of time on our research and the effort we put into our CYOA.

As a self reflection, I feel that next time I need to work harder and to elaborate more  🙂

As for other’s CYOA, I didn’t get permission to comment, so I am going to comment here 🙂

Sonia Tam: I think you did REALLY good on really describing how the character felt, and I loved the way that the whole story flowed and connected REALLY well.  I loved that way how you really went in detail for the story. There is really nothing that I would change!  YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB!! I can tell you spent a lot of your time and effort on this!!

Arden and Jeannette: I loved the way you wrote your CYOA, and I really loved the adventure, however, can you please not let the story end so abruptly? I REALLY WANT TO CONTINUE ON YOUR AMAZING ADVENTURE STORY! I suggest you make your choices longer, because most of the time, I wind up at the begining again.  However, overall, yours was SUPER AMAZING!!


This is the link to our CYOA:

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