Temple Reflection

As for our temeple that me Arden and Jeannette made, we used mainly rice krispies for the basic structure of our temple.  For other details and decorations, we used different candies.  Also, for the pediment, we used animal crackers to decorate.  We used an owl to represent Athena.  As for the columns, we used rice kricpies and stuck then to oreos so that they would stand up staight.  Since the top of the temple is very heavy, we first places a piece of cardboard on top of the columns, and we then placed the frieze and the pediment on.

I think next time, we could’ve made the rice krispies a little softer so that it would be easier to mold into different shapes, because this time, the rice krispies were hard and un-easy to mold.  Also, there was no way for the rice krispies to stand properly on the roof.  Other than that, I feel that we should”ve decorated the pediment and frieze better because for ours, there was little to no decorations.  I also think that the columns could have been more sturdy and we should have added more designs.  However, in all, our temple was okay, and it turned out well, because it did not fall and it had the main and basic parts to the temple.

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