CYOA Self-Reflection

In my opinion, I did a okay job at this CYOA, however I don’t think this one was as good as my previous one, and that is because my time management wasn’t as good.  Also, near the end, our story got thinner and thinner, I think I could have improved on making my writing longer and not making everything thinner  near the end.   That is mainly because we had no time.  Even if I did want to make it longer, my peers gave me a kind suggestion for me not to because there was not enough time.  At least we finished the story.  I could have elongated the pages, but I did not have enough time, so this shows how our time management went.  That may be because the tie limit was actually A LOT shorter than I have expected so I had to finish a ton of  work by the last two days.  It was pretty hard, but we got through it.   I have reminded my friends that we had to have 4 choices, but they said it was fine, because quality above quantity was more important.  So I am not very sure about what will happen to our grade in the end.  Even if each of our parts had at least more than 3 or 4 paragraphs, there are some pages with only one path way by the 2nd choice.  Again, I have tried hard to make things longer, but there was just not enough time.  At times, I wouldn’t know how to do some things and my team mates would help me, and at other times, at times my team mate may also have a writers block so we helped too.  So overall, our communication and cooperation turned out very well and cooperative teamwork was no problem for us, our team were very swift when it came to brainstorming ideas because we agreed with basically everything one of us suggested, so this team was a good choice.  My teammates made very good suggestions.  If they hadn’t told me not to make that many choices, I wouldn’t have finished even by now.  I really enjoyed working with them and they were really nice to work with.

Overall grade (Self): AE+

Overall grade (Team): ME-



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